Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, synthesize, and interpret historic resources.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply historic preservation methods and techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate effective professional writing and communication skills.

The certificate requires 18 credits (six 3-credit courses), as follows:

Required courses:

UPD 5743Introduction to Historic Preservation3
UPD 5744History of the Built Environment3
UPD 5745Historic Preservation Methods3
UPD 5700Advanced Planning Theory & Practice3
UPD 5710Historic Preservation Studio3
or UPD 5790 Historic Preservation Internship
One Urban Planning (or other approved) elective (3 credits)3

Examples of Electives:

UPD 5526 History of Urban Planning & Design

UPD 5740 Advanced GIS for Urban Planning

UPD 5746 Urban Environmental Planning

UPD 5747 Urban Redevelopment

UPD 5750 American Housing

HISTORY 5556 Rise of the City in the U.S.

HISTORY 5556R Kansas City: History of a Regional Metropolis

HISTORY 5570 Introduction to Material Culture

HISTORY 5579 Public History: Theory and Method

HISTORY 5594 Public History and New Media

ART-HIST 5562 History of Modern Design

ART-HIST 5573 Visual Arts Administration

PUB-ADM 5535 Urban Policy And Administration

PUB-ADM 5555 Topics In Nonprofit Fundraising

GEOG 5508 Archaeological Field Survey Methods

GEOG 5509 Urban Geography

GEOG 5512 Global Tourism

LAW 8729 Preservation Law

LAW 8729C Cultural Preservation Law

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a built environment related field (such as urban planning + design, architecture, or engineering) OR graduate degree OR the student must be concurrently enrolled in a graduate degree program at UMKC
  • The student must enter the program with one course in the history of the designed environment.  If the student does not meet this prerequisite, s/he must take a second course in addition to the one required as part of the curriculum.

The highest standard for historic preservation education is membership in the National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE). Once approved, the program will seek membership.  The program has been designed in accordance with NCPE membership standards, which are found at the following link:

Sample Program of Study

Fall 1:

UPD 5743 Introduction to Historic Preservation

UPD 5744 History of the Built Environment

Spring 1:

UPD 5700 Advanced Planning Theory & Practice

UPD 5745 Historic Preservation Methods

Fall 2:

UPD 5710 Historic Preservation Studio OR UPD 5790 Historic Preservation Internship