Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Students appreciate how gender, ethnicity, and race play important roles in understanding the city. They will be exposed to the broader public through internships in the community.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of how local, regional, and state governments and related institutions interact. They will understand how the urban economy is structured in interrelated sectors that influence each other locally and interact with sectors beyond the local city. They will understand how to interpret demographic patterns at various scales, from the city block to the metropolitan area.
  • Either at least qualitatively or quantitatively students will demonstrate the ability of critical thinking about urban space.

Total Hours Required: 18

Minimum of 9 hours from UMKC (not transfer credits)

Courses selected to meet minor requirements cannot be double-counted.

Required Course
Choose one of the following:3
Urban Geography
Social Organization Of The City
Choose one of the following:3
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Research Methods In Public Administration
Methods Of Sociological Research
Spatial Thinking in Social Science
GIS For Urban Planning
History Of Planning And Urban Design
Quantitative Planning Methods And Techniques
Urban Political Economy
Choose one of the following:3
Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations in African American Studies
The Kansas City Economy
Special Issues In Economic
Urban Economics
Economic Geography
Urban Politics
Choose one of the following:3
Social Stratification
Race And Ethnic Relations
Urban Anthropology
Global Systems and the Origins of Black American Culture and Institutions
Political Economy of Race, Class And Gender: Theory, History, And Policy
Gender and the Environment
Introduction to Latina/o Studies
Urban Politics and Community Power Structures
Immigration and the City
The Urban Built Environment
Choose one of the following:3
Urban Geography
Rise of the City in the U.S.
Kansas City: History of a Regional Metropolis
Special Topics In Public Administration
Urban Environment Planning And Design
Urban Redevelopment
Environmental Ethics And Policy
Urban Policy and Management
Choose one of the following:3
Public Finance
Politics of Kansas City Metro
Planning Law And Practice
Urban Redevelopment
Total Credits18