Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Be able to create basic logos and layouts using digital tools to represent an entity.
  • Be able to produce competent photographic imagery that demonstrates both aesthetic and technical abilities.
  • Be able to communicate a message visually or use visuals to strengthen a message.
  • Be able to articulate stylistic differences or similarities of art and architecture from different periods and/or geographic areas.
Required Foundation Coursework12
Introduction To Photography
Foundation Digital Design
Foundation 2D Design
Introduction to the History of Art: Pyramids to Picasso
Electives taken at the 300-level or above (Select with Studio Art advisor)9
Digital Video and Motion Design II
Student Design Agency
Creative Project Development
Special Topics Coursework in Consultation with Advisor
Total Credits21

Studio Art majors are not eligible for the Art and Visual Communication minor.