Graduate Certificate in Bioethics

The Department of Philosophy, in conjunction with the Department of History and the Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities and Bioethics, offers an online graduate certificate program in Bioethics.  The program provides a foundation in the history and theory of bioethics, a deeper understanding of healthcare law and policy, and the skills necessary to engage in ethics consultation and case review.  Students who complete the program receive training in ethical issues related to clinical care and research involving human subjects.

The goal of the online certificate program in bioethics is to provide health professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively resolve ethical dilemmas they encounter in clinical practice.

Students working toward an Interdisciplinary Ph.D., Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, or any other graduate degree program will be able to complete the required courses and receive a graduate level certificate in bioethics.  In addition to students completing other degrees at UMKC, students with appropriate academic credentials may apply solely to the certificate program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Identify key historical events in bioethics
  • Identify foundational principles of bioethics
  • Understand key legal cases and concepts
  • Have an understanding of health policy and ethics
  • Be able to identify and utilize resources in bioethics
  • Be able to effectively identify and resolve ethical conflicts in healthcare

Program Requirements

PHILOS 55503
PHILOS 55513
PHILOS 55523
PHILOS 56903
Total Credits12