This program offers students the opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the BA and MA degrees in less time, and for less money, than the separate degree programs.  Students earning a UMKC BA degree in Economics may count up to 9 credit-hours of 400-level undergraduate credit toward the MA degree. A student completing the requirements for the BA degree with 9 credit-hours of 400-level coursework (including ECON 425 and 451) can earn the MA degree with seven additional Economics courses (as specified below). For a full-time student this additional coursework can be completed in one year of study.

The requirements for this program are:

  • Students must apply after completion of 60 hours toward their BA degree.  Students must apply for the BA-MA option before applying for graduation with the BA degree.
  • To apply, students must submit an application (Application form) and a completed Declaration of Major forms to the Department of Economics (Declaration forms).
  • Student applications will be reviewed and approved or denied at the discretion of the MA Program Advisor in the Department of Economics.
  • Students must pass a college-level calculus course before entering the program. MATH 206 Brief Calculus and Linear Algebra or an equivalent is recommended; MATH 210 Calculus I is also acceptable.

BA-MA Requirements

BA Component – see the requirements for the BA-Economics program.

MA Component

Required Undergraduate Courses
ECON 425Intermediate Economic Statistics3
ECON 451Institutional Economic Theory3
One ECON 400-Level Elective3
Required MA Courses
ECON 5501Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECON 5502Advanced Microeconomic Analysis3
ECON 5521Mathematical Economics3
ECON 5525Econometric Methods3
ECON 5551Advanced Institutional Theory3
Elective Graduate Economics Courses: Two Economics courses at the 5500 level or higher.