Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Students will be able to distinguish the attributes of a variety of economic theories and policies.
  • Students will be able to use their economic knowledge to examine a wide variety of problems that are economic, social and/or political in nature, on both the micro and macro levels.
  • Students will become proficient writers through assignments in regular classes, as well as intensive-writing experiences in the capstone course.
  • Students will be better problem solvers and better-informed citizens.

Program Requirements

The minor in economics is open to all students and consists of a minimum of 18 hours (six courses) in economics.

The courses are:

ECON 201Introduction To Economics I3
ECON 202Introduction To Economics II3
ECON Upper Level Electives 112
Total Credits18

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA within the minor coursework to be awarded the minor in Economics.