Graduate Certificate: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify geospatial issues and technical needs in problem-solving in relation to relevant academic disciplines, industrial production, or public services
  • Students will be able to design geospatial technical approaches for problem-solving
  • Students will be able to analyze geospatial data and produce maps using relevant GIS software
  • Students will be able to present geospatial study findings with oral presentation and written reports

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related geospatial techniques are fast-growing and increasingly applied to almost all sectors of our society. Examples include environmental mapping, urban planning, and public resource management. This Missouri State-approved, transcripted graduate certificate program offers GIS-related multidisciplinary courses through several academic programs of the College of Arts & Sciences, such as Geosciences, Urban Planning and Design, Sociology, Economics, and Criminal Justice and Criminology. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the rapidly growing job market.

This graduate certificate program is open to any students with a bachelor's or a graduate degree and appropriate academic backgrounds, such as degree-seeking graduate students and working professionals.

For completion of the certificate program, the student is required to finish the coursework of 17-20 credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Required Core Courses
GEOG 450Gis Fundamentals for Research Applications4
GEOG 5507Advanced Geographic Information Science4
Select three of the following:9-12
GEOG 5502Environmental Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis4
GEOG 5504Biogeography and Landscape Ecology3
GEOG 5544Advanced Spatial Data Analysis4
GEOG 5548Satellite Climatology4
GEOG 5598DSpecial Topics in Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing3
CJC 5592Advanced GIS For Crime Analysis3
ECON 5511Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Urban Economic Development3
UPD 5740Advanced GIS for Urban Planning3
SOCIOL 5534Spatial Thinking in Social Science3