Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Create sophisticated academic arguments that situate texts within aesthetic, social, and historical context.
  • Produce work in dialogue with current and historical conversations in the field.
  • Evaluate and engage methodological approaches appropriate to academic discourse.
  • Develop and defend, both orally and in writing, their critical perspectives.
  • Synthesize an understanding of interrelations across diverse fields of study.
  • Demonstrate a broad grounding in the diversity of fields in English studies.
  • Produce written work in a vivid, appropriate style that demonstrates mastery of mechanics and grammar.

B.A. / M.A. English Dual Degree

The English B.A. / M.A. dual-degree program is a pre-professional program that offers students an opportunity to complete an advanced degree in an accelerated fashion. This allows students to shorten their time to degree. This program is ideal for students interested in careers in editing, museum studies, or non-profit work. It is also ideal for students who aim to study law, medicine, or library science.

B.A. students must apply for the B.A. / M.A. English dual-degree program when they have completed 45 credit hours. Applicants should carry at least a 3.75 GPA within the major and must have completed three of the five required literature courses. Students should submit the following materials with their application: an academic, research-based writing sample from a UMKC English course, and two recommendations from UMKC Department of English faculty. The GRE examination requirement for graduate applications is waived.

Students who are admitted to the B.A. / M.A. English dual-degree program will be advised by CAS student services for general education requirements, English Department undergraduate advisors for their major requirements, and a member of the English Department graduate faculty for their M.A. requirements.

B.A. English Requirements

Students pursuing this dual-degree must satisfy all requirements of the Bachelor of Arts: English, including the UMKC General Education Core, a constitution course, the RooWriter Assessment, and the College of Arts & Sciences degree requirements. Students pursuing this dual-degree are required to take 36 credit hours within the major as detailed in the table below.

B.A. Literature (take all courses)15
American Literature I
British Literature I
American Literature II
British Literature II
B.A. Language & Rhetoric (take one course)3
Theory And Practice Of Composition
Language, Literacy, Power
Rhetorics of New Media
Rhetorics of Public Memory
Introduction To Linguistics/Language Science
Structure Of English
History Of The English Language
Women And Rhetoric
History And Principles Of Rhetoric
B.A. Electives (take three courses - see footnote for details) 19
Take at least one elective from the following pre-1900 courses:
Women in the Ancient World
Ancient World in Cinema
Classical Literature In Translation
Concepts of the Hero in Ancient Literature and World Cinema
Asian American Literature
Bible As Literature
African American Literature I
The 18th Century Novel
The Novel Before 1900
Old English
Renaissance Literature I
Restoration And Early 18th-Century British Literature
19th-Century American Literature
18th-Century British Literature II
The Victorian Period
18th-Century British Literature
Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing
Shakespeare Comedies And Histories
Early English Drama
Studies In The Novel 1740-1900
Shakespeare Tragedies And Romances
Restoration And 18th-Century Drama
Take two more electives from the following courses or any of those not previously taken from the pre-1900 list above:
Creative Writing I Fiction
Introduction to Screenwriting
Contemporary Novel
Black Women Writers
20th-Century American Literature
American Culture
Girls And Print Culture
Playwriting I
Playwriting II
Theory and Criticism in English Studies
External Internship
Publication Practicum
Publication Practicum
Special Readings
Modern Drama, 1880-1945
The Civil Rights Movement in African American Literature
From Field Shout to Hip Hop: African American Poetic Traditions
African American Migrations in Literature
Contemporary Drama II
Studies In The Modern Novel
M.A. Foundation (take all three courses)9
Students must complete at least 90 credit hours before enrolling in graduate courses for the M.A. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the English Department's Director of Graduate Studies.
Graduate Study In English
Theory and Criticism in English Studies
English Graduate Course Elective
Total Credits36

M.A. English Requirements

Students pursuing this dual-degree program must satisfy all requirements of the Master of Arts: English, including the foreign language requirement. Of the 31 credit hours required for the M.A. in English, 9 credit hours will be applied from the courses required for the English, as listed above.

For detailed course requirements, see the Master of Arts: English Degree Requirements page.