Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Show mastery of screenwriting craft through the creation of a full-length manuscript that: a) is structurally sound; b) is polished and complete; c) has a distinct voice and/or vision.
  • Show evidence of effective problem-solving and revision strategies.
  • Demonstrate a deliberate, masterful command of language, including: a) style; b) grammar and mechanics.
  • Demonstrate, in the text or critical introduction, a proficiency in at least one genre outside of their primary field and the ability to apply the techniques of their secondary genres to the work they produce in their primary field of study.
  • Demonstrate sophisticated critical analyses of literary texts, including an understanding of how a text displays a writer’s artistic techniques and the ability to incorporate those techniques into their own writing.
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the literary traditions of their primary genre and the ability to situate their own work within current literary conversations.


This emphasis follows the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Media Arts Program Requirements. Students must complete the following coursework for this emphasis:

I. 12 hours of craft workshop: Students choose 4 workshops in their core genre

Communication Studies Department
COMM-ST 354Introduction to Screenwriting (for MFAs: COMM-ST 5597)3
COMM-ST 454Advanced Screenwriting (for MFAs: COMM-ST 5598)3
COMM-ST 457Client-Based Media Production3
COMM-ST 471Advanced Media Production3
COMM-ST 5554Graduate Seminar: Screenwriting3

II. 6 hours of the interdisciplinary component. Students choose at least two craft, workshop, or production courses outside their core genre in English, Theatre, or Communication Studies.

ENGLISH 432WI/5532Advanced Creative Writing Prose3
ENGLISH 437WI/5537Prose Forms3
ENGLISH 5550KGraduate Seminar: Creative Writing Prose3
ENGLISH 5555NGraduate Seminar: Prose Fiction3
ENGLISH 435WI/5535Advanced Creative Writing Poetry3
ENGLISH 436WI/5536Poetic Forms3
ENGLISH 5555KGraduate Seminar In Creative Writing:Poetry3
ENGLISH 5501Magazine Editing3
ENGLISH 5502Magazine Nonfiction3
ENGLISH 475/5575Creative Nonfiction3
ENGLISH 448External Internship1-3
ENGLISH 449APublication Practicum1-3
ENGLISH 5550JGraduate Seminar: History Of The English Language3
Theatre Department
THEATRE 400HSpecial Problems In Theatre: Playwriting1-6
THEATRE 437Playwriting I3
THEATRE 438Playwriting II3
THEATRE 415Beginning Directing3
THEATRE 5516ATechnical Production for The Practitioner3
THEATRE 5516BTechnical Production for The Practitioner3
THEATRE 5545Professional Acting Techniques I3
THEATRE 5565Introduction To Professional Directing3
THEATRE 5578Professional Theatre Administration3
THEATRE 5590HDirected Graduate Studies: Playwriting3-6

III. 12 hours of literature courses are required. 15 hours are recommended.

ENGLISH 5510Black Women Writers3
ENGLISH 5512Chaucer3
ENGLISH 5513Renaissance Literature I3
ENGLISH 5514Milton3
ENGLISH 5515Restoration And Early 18th-Century British Literature3
ENGLISH 5516The Romantic Period3
ENGLISH 5517Modern Poetry3
ENGLISH 551819th-Century American Literature3
ENGLISH 5519Teaching Writing: Theories, Histories, Contexts, Practices3
ENGLISH 5522Medieval Literature3
ENGLISH 5523Renaissance Literature II3
ENGLISH 5526The Victorian Period3
ENGLISH 5527Contemporary Poetry3
ENGLISH 552820th Century American Literature3
ENGLISH 5534Postcolonial Literature3
ENGLISH 5555AGraduate Seminar Medieval Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555BGraduate Seminar Renaissance Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555CGraduate Seminar Neo-Classical Literature I3
ENGLISH 5555DGraduate Seminar In 19th-Century Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555EGraduate Seminar American Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555FGraduate Seminar In Modern Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555GGraduate Seminar Literary Criticism3
ENGLISH 5555HGraduate Seminar Studies In Fiction II3
ENGLISH 5555IGraduate Seminar In Dramatic Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555JGraduate Seminar English Language3
Communication Studies Department
COMM-ST 339Introduction to Film Theory3
COMM-ST 384Documentary Film History3
COMM-ST 391The World(s) Of Alfred Hitchcock3
COMM-ST 392Topics in World Cinema3
COMM-ST 393Topics in Sound & Cinema3
COMM-ST 394Topics in Gender and Cinema3
Theatre Department
THEATRE 400FSpecial Problems In Theatre: History1-6
THEATRE 400MSpecial Problems In Theatre: Theory And Criticism1-6
THEATRE 400NSpecial Problems In Theatre: Dramaturgy1-6
THEATRE 5506RRFrench Drama And Theatre3
THEATRE 550719Th-Century Continental Theatre3
THEATRE 550820Th-Century Continental Theatre3
THEATRE 5509Russian Drama And Theatre3
THEATRE 5510History Of The American Theatre I3
THEATRE 5511History Of The American Theatre II3
THEATRE 5512RHistory Of The English Stage I3
THEATRE 5513History Of The English Stage II3
THEATRE 5557Theatre History I3
THEATRE 5560Theatre History II3
THEATRE 5563Text Analysis I3
THEATRE 5564Text Analysis II3
THEATRE 5590MDirected Graduate Studies: Theory And Criticism3-6
THEATRE 5590NDirected Graduate Studies: Dramaturgy3-6

IV. 6 Hours of Thesis Portfolio: ENGLISH 5598A

V. 6 Hours Electives

From the list of literary classes above, students complete sufficient credit hours to bring the total of all requirements to 42 credit hours. With advisor’s approval, students may also select electives from other departments.