Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Create coherent academic arguments that are built upon multi-leveled textual analysis.
  • Integrate close reading of primary texts.
  • Engage in critical conversations.
  • Present an essay in ways that reflect a sense of professional rules and conventions.

Program Requirements

The Minor in English Language and Literature is designed for students desiring a general background in literature written in English.

To graduate with a Minor in English Language and Literature, students must achieve a grade-point average of at least 2.0 in the 18-hour program described below, but no credit will be given for courses in which the grade is below C-. Students must take 12 of the 18 hours required at the 300- or 400-level. No course may fulfill more than one requirement. No courses in journalism or in expository writing may be counted toward the Minor in English. No more than one course in Creative Writing may be counted toward the Minor in English Literature. In addition to the following approved courses, students may petition to have other considered by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English.

Program of Study

Select six of the following:18
Myth and Literature
Literary Monstrosities
True Lives: Autobiographical Arts and Acts
Writing About Literature
Popular Literature
Women and Literary Culture/The Heroine in Literature
Introduction To Undergraduate Study In English
World Literature in English
Introduction To Drama
Introduction To Fiction
Introduction To Poetry
The Craft of Creative Writing
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Women Writing/Women Reading
Science Fiction
Asian American Literature
Introduction To Linguistics/Language Science
American Literature I
British Literature I
Bible As Literature
American Literature II
Arthurian Legends
Modern And Contemporary Irish Literature
British Literature II
African American Literature I
African American Novel
African American Literature II
Contemporary American Literature
Classical Literature in Translation
Women & Literary Culture: Genre Focus
Women And Literary Culture: Historical Focus
The 18th Century Novel
Special Readings
Special Readings: Detective Fiction
The Novel Before 1900
Studies in Poetry
The Modern Novel
Contemporary Novel
Contemporary Novel
Introduction to Latinx Literature
Concepts of the Hero in Ancient Literature and World Cinema
Old English
Harlem Renaissance
Black Women Writers
Renaissance Literature I
Restoration And Early 18th-Century British Literature
The Romantic Period
Modern Poetry
19th-Century American Literature
Medieval Literature
Renaissance Literature II
18th-Century British Literature II
The Victorian Period
Contemporary Poetry
20th-Century American Literature
18th-Century British Literature
Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing
Postcolonial Literature
Shakespeare and Film
American Culture
Girls And Print Culture
Special Readings
Shakespeare Comedies And Histories
Early English Drama
Modern Drama, 1880-1945
The Civil Rights Movement in African American Literature
Studies In The Novel 1740-1900
From Field Shout to Hip Hop: African American Poetic Traditions
Stages Toward Freedom: African American Dramatic Traditions
Slave Narratives: Race, Gender, and Writing Freedom
African American Migrations in Literature
Women's Literature in Africa and the African Diaspora
Special Offerings
Shakespeare Tragedies And Romances
Restoration And 18th-Century Drama
Contemporary Drama II
Studies In The Modern Novel
Total Credits18