Program Requirements

The Minor in Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing examines the social, cultural, economic, and political history of the written word. It considers relationships among authors, editors, publishers, printers, illustrators, and booksellers as well as the reception of texts by readers, reviewers, and critics. This minor allows students to study the production of texts through the centuries while also gaining hands-on editing experience through internal and external internships. Students take a wide variety of courses covering a range of historical periods that have a significant emphasis on the history of reading, writing, and authorship as well as courses that focus on aspects of contemporary publishing and editing.

To graduate with a Minor in Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing, students must achieve a grade-point average of at least 2.0 in the 21-hour program described below, but no credit will be given for courses in which the grade is below C-. No course may fulfill more than one requirement.

Program of Study

Select one of the following
American Literature I
British Literature I
Select one of the following:3
American Literature II
British Literature II
African American Literature I
African American Literature II
Select one of the following:3
Introduction To Linguistics/Language Science
Structure Of English
History Of The English Language
Select four of the following:12
Old English
Magazine Editing
Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing (repeatable with different focus)
Girls And Print Culture (repeatable with different focus)
Medieval Methods & Paleography
External Internship 1
Publication Practicum
Publication Practicum
Total Credits21

The following courses may also be used to fulfill the elective requirements for the Minor in Magazine, Print Culture, and Editing (MPCE) when the instructor elects this designation. Each semester, courses designated MPCE will be listed on the Department of English website.

ENGLISH 408Harlem Renaissance3
ENGLISH 410Black Women Writers3
ENGLISH 412Chaucer3
ENGLISH 413Renaissance Literature I3
ENGLISH 414Milton3
ENGLISH 415Restoration And Early 18th-Century British Literature3
ENGLISH 416The Romantic Period3
ENGLISH 417Modern Poetry3
ENGLISH 41819th-Century American Literature3
ENGLISH 422Medieval Literature3
ENGLISH 423Renaissance Literature II3
ENGLISH 42518th-Century British Literature II3
ENGLISH 426The Victorian Period3
ENGLISH 427Contemporary Poetry3
ENGLISH 42820th-Century American Literature3
ENGLISH 43118th-Century British Literature3
ENGLISH 434Postcolonial Literature3
ENGLISH 440American Culture3
ENGLISH 445History And Principles Of Rhetoric3
ENGLISH 451Shakespeare Comedies And Histories3
ENGLISH 452Early English Drama3
ENGLISH 453Modern Drama, 1880-19453
ENGLISH 454The Civil Rights Movement in African American Literature3
ENGLISH 455Studies In The Novel 1740-19003
ENGLISH 456From Field Shout to Hip Hop: African American Poetic Traditions3
ENGLISH 457Stages Toward Freedom: African American Dramatic Traditions3
ENGLISH 458Slave Narratives: Race, Gender, and Writing Freedom3
ENGLISH 459African American Migrations in Literature3
ENGLISH 461Shakespeare Tragedies And Romances3
ENGLISH 462Restoration And 18th-Century Drama3
ENGLISH 463Contemporary Drama II3
ENGLISH 465Studies In The Modern Novel3
ENGLISH 468Women's Literature in Africa and the African Diaspora3