Program Requirements

The Minor in Writing is designed for students interested in a focus on writing of all types and genres. Students select from a menu of courses in writing, rhetoric, and linguistics.

To graduate with a Minor in Writing, students must achieve a grade-point average of at least 2.0 in the 18-hour program described below, but no credit will be given for courses in which the grade is below C-. No course may fulfill more than one requirement. No more than two courses in Creative Writing may be counted toward the Minor in Writing. One writing-intensive (WI) course in a discipline other than English may be counted toward the Minor in Writing.

Program of Study

Select six of the following:18
Writing Tutor Training Seminar
Introduction to Journalism
Writing And The Academy
Workplace Writing
Theory And Practice Of Composition
Language, Literacy, Power
Rhetorics of New Media
Rhetorics of Public Memory
Creative Writing I Fiction
Creative Writing Poetry
Literary Nonfiction
Introduction to Screenwriting
Women And Rhetoric
Magazine Editing
Advanced Screenwriting
Advanced Creative Writing Prose
Advanced Creative Writing Poetry
Poetic Forms
Prose Forms
Playwriting I
Playwriting II
History And Principles Of Rhetoric
Total Credits18