Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • To attain advanced reading, writing, listening and speaking proficiency in the language studied.
  • To obtain a broad base of knowledge and perspectives on the Classical world, or on French-, German- or Spanish-speaking civilizations, and of their respective cultures—literature, the arts, socio-historical, political and economic structures, etc.—within a variety of interpretive frameworks.
  • To understand and articulate cultural practices and process as dynamic elements in the construction of identity, and to appreciate and encourage cultural diversity in human endeavor.
  • To understand aspects of language and culture in the world as part of all human communication, and within interdisciplinary contexts.
  • To develop skills in critical thinking and analysis, including, but not limited to, textual analysis.

Learning outcomes are aligned with national and state standards on language and cultural understanding, and on national standards for language skill as reflected in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language proficiency guidelines:

Program Requirements

The German Studies minor consists of 18 hours selected from the list of approved courses, of which a minimum of 6 credits must be in German Language and a minimum of 9 credits must be upper-division coursework.  Up to 6 credits may come from classes listed in the Associated Course List, but these courses apply only if the student’s project focuses on a German topic.  A capstone project is also required.  A maximum of six hours may apply to both a German minor and a German Studies minor.

Approved Course Offerings

Foreign Languages and Literatures
German Language:
GERMAN 110Elementary German I3
GERMAN 120Elementary German II3
GERMAN 211Second-Year German I3
GERMAN 221Second-Year German II3
GERMAN 315Intermediate Conversation and Composition I3
GERMAN 325Intermediate Conversation and Composition II3
GERMAN 415Advanced Conversation and Composition I3
GERMAN 425Advanced Conversation and Composition II3
German Literature:
GERMAN 301Introduction to Literary Studies3
GERMAN 307From the Middle Ages to the Baroque3
GERMAN 308From the Enlightenment Through the 19th Century3
GERMAN 310Classical Period Of German Literature3
GERMAN 340Society and Literature in 20th-Century Germany (in English)3
GERMAN 401Bertolt Brecht3
GERMAN 411Romanticism3
GERMAN 412The German Novelle3
GERMAN 42119Th-Century Drama3
GERMAN 422Contemporary Drama3
GERMAN 42620th-Century German Literature3
German Culture and Film:
GERMAN 305Current Events in Germany3
GERMAN 306Aspects Of Contemporary German Culture (Conducted In German)3
GERMAN 341German Film (in English)3
GERMAN 342Contemporary German Film 1980 (in English)3
GERMAN 453Women's Voices in Germany and Austria3
Interdisciplinary Cluster Courses
GERMAN 300CZ/HISTORY 400CZCC: The Other Europe3
GERMAN 313CC: Intro to German Studies3
GERMAN 314CCWeimar Culture: Gender and Modernity in Central Europe3
HISTORY 300G/5500GSpecial Studies1-3
HISTORY 436R/5536Modern German History3
HISTORY 437AWIImperial Germanies, 1848-19183
HISTORY 437BWIFirst German Republics, 1917-19353
HISTORY 437CWIThe Third Reich, 1930-19503
HISTORY 437DWICold War Germanies, 1941-19913
PHILOS 436Kant3
Associated Course Offerings
Art History:
ART-HIST 202From Michelangelo to Modernism3
ART-HIST 303World Currents of Contemporary Art3
ART-HIST 415WIRomanticism3
ART-HIST 416WILater 19th Century Painting And Sculpture3
ART-HIST 445Northern European Art: 15th And 16th Centuries3
Interdisciplinary Cluster Courses:
HISTORY 420CCWorld War I in Film: The World made Modern3
HISTORY 413/5513Renaissance3
HISTORY 414/5514Reformation3
HISTORY 417R/5517Nations & Empires:19th Century Europe3
HISTORY 415B17th and 18th Century European History3
HISTORY 418R/5518The Age of Extremes 20th Century History3
HISTORY 419R/5519Contemporary Europe: 1930-20003
Musicology (Conservatory):
HISTORY 430RA'We Are The Dead': The Great War Experience Through its Artifacts3
CONSVTY 5554Music of the Medieval Era3
CONSVTY 5557Music of the Classical Era3
CONSVTY 5558Music of the Romantic Era3
CONSVTY 5559AMusic Since 1900: 1900-19453
CONSVTY 5560BSeminar: Nineteenth-Century Nationalism In Music3
PHILOS 332Existentialism3
Political Science:
POL-SCI 220Introduction To Comparative Politics3
POL-SCI 451International Politics In Europe3