Program Description

The Environmental Studies Program provides students with the most innovative preparation in urban environmental issues and sustainability. The ES program engages a diverse student body with a strong foundation in environmental and geosciences. It includes relationships between humans, society, and the environment. In addition to core courses in environmental science, environmental courses emphasizing the humanities and social sciences provide necessary balance for addressing physical Earth issues in a societal context. Undergraduate students gain essential life skills, an appreciation for complex environmental processes, and respect for the diversity of environmental challenges in both Environmental Studies BA and Environmental Science BS degrees.

The department has offered geography and geology courses since 1934. The department also offers a master of science degree in environmental and urban geosciences. Students who designate geosciences as their coordinating discipline for the interdisciplinary doctoral program must meet admission and other requirements available from the department. See the School of Graduate Studies section of the graduate catalog for more information about doctoral programs.

Program Director:
Caroline P. Davies

Participating Architecture, Urban Planning and Design Faculty:
Joy Swallow, Michael Frisch, Sungyup Kim, and Jacob Wagner

Participating Biology Faculty:
Aaron Reed

Participating Business Faculty:
Sandy Price, David Renz, and Li Sun

Participating Chemistry Faculty:
Kathleen Kilway, and J. David VanHorn

Participating Engineering Faculty:
ZhiQiang Chen, John Kevern, Deborah O'Bannon, and Jerry Richardson

Participating Economics Faculty:
Mathew Forstater and Michael Kelsay

Participating Education Faculty:
A. Louis Odom

Participating Geosciences Faculty:
Jimmy Adegoke, Caroline Davies, Steven Driever, Syed Hasan, Alison Graettinger, Wei Ji, Jejung Lee, James Murowchick, Tina Niemi, and Fengpeng Sun

Participating History Faculty:
Brian Frehner and John Herron

Participating Law Faculty:
John Ragsdale and Irma Russell

Participating Philosophy Faculty:
James Sheppard

Participating Political Science Faculty:
Reginald Bassa