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Faculty Coordinator/Program Advisor:
Cassandra Shaffer Johnson, Coordinator of Pre-Health Programs, (816) 235-6085,

The interdisciplinary minor in healing and humanities enables students to explore the complicated nature of health care issues by integrating knowledge from the arts and humanities with the social and natural sciences. The minor is particularly appropriate for students considering health-related professions, complementing other scientific, clinical and professional preparation. Health care careers are projected to be among the fastest-growing fields in the 21st century. America’s changing health care environment increasingly calls for individuals who understand the complexity of factors affecting healing and who are able to take a humane, holistic approach.

Minor in Healing and Humanities

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Analyze the complexity of factors affecting healing
  • Explain an understanding of holistic and biopsychosocial dimensions of patient care
  • Develop an interdisciplinary foundation for future careers in the world of health care

The healing and humanities curriculum enables pre-health and health professional students to develop an interdisciplinary foundation for a future health care career.


To earn a minor in healing and humanities:

  • Students must earn at least 18 credit hours from the list of approved courses below and other courses as approved by the program advisor
  • Three core courses are required for all students seeking the minor:
    PHILOS 221Contemporary Moral Issues3
    SOCIOL 211Social And Psychological Development Through The Life Cycle3
    or NURSE 252 Human Growth and Development
    COMM-ST 431Colloquium In Interpersonal Dynamics3
  • At least nine credit hours must be upper-division (i.e., 300-499)
  • At least nine hours must be earned at UMKC

Students may select from among a wide variety of courses offered by many participating departments. The program advisor is available to provide academic advice on course selection and degree requirements, as well as career guidance. Students interested in the healing and humanities minor should consult with the program advisor to plan a program of study.

Approved Courses

Required Coursework
COMM-ST 431Colloquium In Interpersonal Dynamics3
PHILOS 221Contemporary Moral Issues3
SOCIOL 211Social And Psychological Development Through The Life Cycle3
Elective Coursework9
Body and Society
Introduction To Substance Abuse Counseling: Theory And Practice
Field Practicum In Aging
Global Health: New and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Human Nutrition
Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine
Principles Of Communication
Communication In Organizational Settings
Interpersonal Communication
Intercultural Communication
History Of The Body
Gender & Medicine: Patients & Practitioners From Antiquity to Present
Health In Aging
Human Growth and Development
History and Philosophy of Bioethics
Healthcare Law and Policy
Clinical Ethics and Case Consultation
Ethnic and Minority Perspectives in Psychology
Psychology Of Human Sexual Behavior
Introduction to Health Psychology
Motivation and Emotion
Introduction To Developmental Disabilities
Developmental Disabilities And Community Life
Brain and Behavior I
Biopsychology II (formally Biopsychology II)
Abnormal Psychology
The Psychology Of Aging
Adult Development and Aging
Death In The History Of Religions
The Body In The History Of Religions
Sociology Of Death And Dying
Policies Of Drug Use And Control
Body and Society
Aging In Contemporary Society
Sociology Of Medicine
Spanish For The Health Sciences
Introduction To Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Total Credits18