Student Learning Objectives

Students are expected to:

  • Have a broad understanding of several branches of mathematics and how they are related. Be able to read and/or listen to documents and discussions having mathematical content, with an appropriate level of understanding, and exhibit a high level of mathematical literacy.
  • Be able to clearly articulate mathematical information accurately and effectively, using a form, structure and style that suits the purpose, including written and face-to-face presentation.
  • Be able to independently acquire further mathematical knowledge without guidance.
  • Be prepared for entry into professional schools, doctoral programs, or the job market.

Degree Requirements

UMKC offers an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. Students desiring to study at the doctoral level in mathematics must apply to the School of Graduate Studies. Detailed information on the general and discipline-specific requirements appears in the School of Graduate Studies section of this catalog. For more details visit the department Web site: