Students admitted to the dual degree program will be closely advised by both the undergraduate advisor and the graduate advisor. The undergraduate advisor will focus on the student's undergraduate degree requirements while the graduate advisor will supervise the graduate degree requirements. All students in the dual degree program will have mandatory advising appointments with the graduate advisor at least once a semester.

To be eligible for the dual degree program, students must have completed SOCIOL 101 Sociology: An Introduction, SOCIOL 263 Introduction to Statistics in Sociology/Criminal Justice, SOCIOL 361 Social Theory and SOCIOL 362 Methods Of Sociological Research with at least a B and have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA for undergraduate coursework. If successful in completing these requirements, applicants will be accepted into the dual degree program during their junior year. Students admitted to the dual degree program will work closely with the graduate advisor to enroll in courses during their senior year which will fulfill both degree requirements and will pay the graduate level tuition for all 30 credit hours required for the MA in Sociology.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Examine the role and relevance of the sociological perspective for graduate students who will have the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue either a Ph.D. in a related field or to engage in enhanced study, research, and/or application of sociological method and theory.
  • Reflect on contemporary issues and controversies in Sociology, and advance sociological research through their own creative engagement with social theories and methods.
  • Explore the theoretical and methodological perspectives in a chosen specialty area to elaborate the historical development and contemporary manifestation of social inequalities.
  • Advance critical research and writing skills for professional development and civic engagement such that graduate students will deepen their professional commitment to community.

Undergraduate Degree Requirement: total 33 credit hours

Required Undergraduate Courses: 18 hours
SOCIOL 101Sociology: An Introduction 13
ANTHRO 103Introduction To Cultural Anthropology3
SOCIOL 263Introduction to Statistics in Sociology/Criminal Justice 13
SOCIOL 361Social Theory 13
SOCIOL 362Methods Of Sociological Research 13
SOCIOL 404WIThe Sociology Capstone: Senior Seminar3
Elective Courses: 15 credit hours at the 300-and 400- or above levels.
Transfer students must take 18 credit hours of the total of 33 credit hours for the major at UMKC.
Student must earn at least a B in these courses and an overall GPA of 3.0 for acceptance into the dual degree program.

Prerequisite Undergraduate Courses for admission to the dual program

SOCIOL 263Introduction to Statistics in Sociology/Criminal Justice3
SOCIOL 361Social Theory3
SOCIOL 362Methods Of Sociological Research3

Graduate Degree Requirement: total 30 credit hours

SOCIOL 5501Social Theory I3
SOCIOL 5502Social Theory II3
SOCIOL 5510Sociological Methods I (offered in spring semester)3
SOCIOL 5511Sociological Methods II (offered in fall semester)3
SOCIOL 5516Intermediate Statistics (offered in spring semester)3
Elective courses: 9 credit hours at the 400 or above levels and no more than 6 credit hours for Thesis and Research.