ANCH 304Telling Stories: History, Memory, and American Life3

Art and Art History

ART-HIST 315Arts Of African and New World Cultures3

Black Studies

BLKS 321/5521The Black Family and Male-Female Relationships3
BLKS 338/5538Women's Literature in Africa and the African Diaspora3


CLASSICS 300CBWomen In The Ancient World3

Communication Studies

COMM-ST 320Mass Media, Culture And Society3

Criminal Justice and Criminology

CJC 430Women, Crime And Criminal Justice3
CJC 431Hate & Bias Crimes3
CJC 488Mentoring Juvenile Justice System-Involved Youth3

English Language and Literature

ENGLISH 123True Lives: Autobiographical Arts and Acts3
ENGLISH 141Women and Literary Culture/The Heroine in Literature3
ENGLISH 242Women Writing/Women Reading3
ENGLISH 342WIWomen And Rhetoric3
ENGLISH 344WIWomen & Literary Culture: Genre Focus3
ENGLISH 345WIWomen And Literary Culture: Historical Focus3
ENGLISH 350The 18th Century Novel3
ENGLISH 356Studies in Poetry3
ENGLISH 410Black Women Writers3
ENGLISH 426The Victorian Period3
ENGLISH 433Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing3
ENGLISH 441Girls And Print Culture3
ENGLISH 450Special Readings1-3
ENGLISH 455Studies In The Novel 1740-19003

Environmental Studies

ENV-STDY 334Gender and the Environment3

Health Sciences

HLSC 325Human Sexuality3


HISTORY 300GSpecial Studies1-3
HISTORY 300HSpecial Studies1-3
HISTORY 354RWomen in Modern America3
HISTORY 368Children and Youth in American History3
HISTORY 369Women and Work in Early America3
HISTORY 412AMedieval Women & Children3
HISTORY 428AHistory Of The Body3

Latinx and Latin American Studies

LLS 201Introduction to Latina/o Studies3


LAW 8714CGender and Justice: Selected Topics1


PSYCH 305Psychology Of Women3
PSYCH 5543Adult Development And Aging3


SOCIOL 101Sociology: An Introduction3
SOCIOL 306Culture, Emotion, and Identity3
SOCIOL 310RFamilies And The Life Course3
SOCIOL 318Sociology Of The Aging Woman3
SOCIOL 351Gender, Work And Social Change3
SOCIOL 411Sociology Of Human Sexuality3
SOCIOL 418Feminist Theories3
SOCIOL 440RSociology Of Medicine3

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

WGS 201Introduction To Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGS 301Introduction to Feminist Theory3
WGS 314CCWeimar Culture: Gender and Modernity in Central Europe3
WGS 405Special Topics In Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies1-3
WGS 408Gender, Health, and Development in Senegal3
WGS 460CCCC: Queer in the City: An introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies3
WGS 484Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Internship1-4
WGS 499Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Senior Seminar3