Advising System

Undergraduate Advising

Roo Advising


Academic advising for undergraduate students is delivered through Roo Advising.  Academic Advising is an integral part of student’s university experience and has a significant impact on student success.  The goals of Roo Advising are to provide students an exceptional advising experience that is equitable, holistic, personal, and timely.  Advisors will assist students with the following:

  • Understand degree requirements and have a early plan to graduation
  • Navigate UMKC processes, systems, and services
  • Explore, clarify and confirm fit with their major and career plans
  • Develop clear and personalized academic objectives for short and long-term goals
  • Enhance self-efficacy and sense of agency

Our professional academic advisors will assist students in all aspects of their undergraduate educational career.

  • Assist students in choosing majors and developing academic plans
  • Inform students about general education requirements
  • Advise students on class selection and registration
  • Offer advice on educational and career goals
  • Assist students to connect with support services on campus
  • Regularly review academic progress and progression toward degree completion
  • Connect students with faculty mentors and UMKC Career Services
  • Review academic policies and procedures
  • Help students with other related issues or problems of an academic nature

Academic Advising

To facilitate progress toward the student’s degree, and to ensure that courses selected support completion of degree requirements, students are required to participate in advising each semester before registering for classes. Academic advising is required for all undergraduate students and is enforced using an advising hold in Pathway.  In general, students should schedule an appointment to meet with their assigned academic advisor to discuss their enrollment plan and request their advising hold be released.  Once students have a fully approved academic plan, there may be options to have holds released without a requirement for an appointment with certain programs.

Students enrolled in double majors or dual degree programs may be advised by two or more advisors with expertise in the specific programs. The advisor for student’s primary degree program will have the major advising responsibility.

Students have many options to meet with their assigned academic advisor.  Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor to ensure appropriate time is set aside to address student’s issues and concerns.

Schedule an appointment

Students can schedule an appointment to meet with their assigned academic advisor on their own through UMKC Connect. If assistance is required, students can call Roo Advising at 816-235-1148 or send an email to

Walk-in Advising

Walk-In Advising will be available the week prior to and the first week of each term.  In addition, walk-in advising is available during regular terms.

  • Monday and Tuesday 11am-12:00pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday 1:00pm-2:00pm

Advising Office Locations

Roo Advising is delivered across UMKC

  • Arts & Cultural Studies-Scofield Hall, Room 9
  • Business & Management-Scofield Hall, Room 9
  • Human Behavior, Education & Justice-Scofield Hall, Room 9 and School of Education, Suite 129 (for education majors only)
  • Natural & Health Sciences-Flarsheim Hall, Suite 510  (including Health Sciences-non nursing tracks and public health)and Health Sciences Building (Health Sciences Campus, 2411 Holmes, Kansas City, MO) Suite 1410 (for Health Sciences nursing tracks and Nursing program only)
  • Numbers, Engineering, Technology, & the Cosmos-Flarsheim Hall, Suite 336)

Faculty Mentors

Faculty in student’s declared degree programs are a significant and valuable resource for students.  As experts in their respective fields they can assist students with their exploration of major and career options.  Faculty can assist students to consider elective options tailored to their specific interests and assist students to make connections with professionals in Kansas City, Missouri, the United States, or across the globe.  In addition, faculty can help students to make connections with colleagues in graduate or professional schools that may be of interest to students. 

Students are responsible for becoming familiar with all academic regulations of the campus as outlined in the catalog and in other University documents.

Professional and graduate assistant advisors in the CAS Student Services Office:

  • Advise undergraduate students for general and overall degree requirements.
  • Advise bachelor of liberal arts students.
  • Advise students who are on probation.
  • Help all undergraduates with special requests and problems.
  • Evaluate transfer courses.
  • Review degree audits prior to graduation on all bachelor's degree-seeking students.
  • Communicate with individual students and with the Registration and Records Office to confirm that all degree requirements will be met in the graduating semester.

Faculty advisors in each department assist graduate students in planning their academic programs and inform them about the degree requirements of the programs. Graduate students required to secure an advisor's approval before enrolling include majors in chemistry, English, geosciences, and sociology.