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711 E. 51st Street
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Our Vision

Guiding, supporting, and inspiring students to achieve academic excellence

Our Mission

The mission of the UMKC College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Student Services Office is to guide students toward academic success in higher education.

Advisors within the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) are directly responsible for advising current and prospective Arts and Sciences undergraduate students on general education requirements and how to apply them to their degree program. Advisors assist students with selecting majors, monitoring academic progression, and fulfilling graduation requirements while educating them on campus resources, university policies and procedures, and options for graduate or professional schools. Advisors are role models who teach students how to navigate through the educational journey, encouraging students to actively engage themselves in their education. The CAS Student Services Office creates an atmosphere promoting autonomous life-long learning where students accept responsibility and ownership for their personal academic progression, degree completion, and goal achievement.

Advisors within CAS are committed to serve as a bridge among students, faculty, and staff. The CAS Student Services Office provides training and development for professional and faculty advisors to ensure they are effectively meeting the needs of students. Advisors support CAS's commitment to educate students in the arts and sciences, providing them with a breadth of knowledge valuable to the intellectual and social community. Advising allows for the promotion of understanding of these general education goals which play a key role in the development of students becoming productive contributors to society. Due to the unique relationship between advisors and students, advisors play an integral role in recruitment, retention, and student success for CAS and UMKC as a whole.

As students progress through their higher education journey at UMKC, advisors in CAS Student Services foster and faculty advisors in CAS departments encourage students toward achieving academic success.

Faculty and Staff Advisors

  • Assist students in choosing majors and planning their academic programs.
  • Inform students about the general education requirements of CAS and relate them to their major requirements.
  • Advise students on class selection and registration.
  • Offer advice on educational and career goal setting.
  • Assist students in locating support services on campus.
  • Review degree audits and perform graduation status checks.
  • Connect students with faculty on campus.
  • Review academic policies and procedures with students.
  • Help students with other related issues and problems of an academic nature.

Academic advising responsibilities are distributed among faculty advisors and professional advisors in CAS in the following manner:

  • Undergraduate and graduate faculty advisors in each department or program:
    • Advise students in their major field of study.
    • Advise students about departmental student organizations as well as internship or undergraduate research opportunities within the department.
    • Advise students concerning graduate study requirements.
  • Professional and graduate assistant advisors in the CAS Student Services Office:
    • Advise undergraduate students for general and overall degree requirements.
    • Advise bachelor of liberal arts students.
    • Advise students who are on probation.
    • Help all undergraduates with special requests and problems.
    • Evaluate transfer courses.
    • Review degree audits prior to graduation on all bachelor's degree-seeking students.
    • Communicate with individual students and with the Registration and Records Office to confirm that all degree requirements will be met in the graduating semester.

While academic advising is not required for all students, it is recommended that students seek academic advising each semester to avoid problems later. Certain undergraduate majors do require academic advising each semester. Students required to secure an advisor's approval and release before enrolling include:

  • All freshmen.
  • All sophomores with 45 or fewer credit hours.
  • Probationary students.
  • Students requesting overloads or credit/no credit option.
  • Undergraduate majors in film & media arts, history, physics, and studio art.
  • Graduate majors in English, geosciences, and sociology.

When the next semester's course schedule is published in Pathway, students should contact their academic advisor. Students who promptly seek academic advising have a better chance of securing their first choice of courses and times. While the CAS Student Services Office sees students on an appointment as well as walk-in basis, most faculty advisors require an appointment.

Faculty advisors in each department assist graduate students in planning their academic programs and inform them about the degree requirements of the programs. Graduate students required to secure an advisor's approval before enrolling include majors in chemistry, English, geosciences, and sociology.