Master of Science: Data Science and Analytics

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • develop solutions for advanced problems using appropriate skills and knowledge in data science;
  • recognize and apply state of the art techniques and tools in the data science field;
  • communicate effectively in both written and oral forms;
  • recognize the need for and ability to engage in life-long learning;
  • plan and conduct scholarly activities;
  • work effectively in teams.

The following coursework is applicable to students that have completed a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. All other students may be subjected to additional prerequisite coursework prior to beginning the plan of study detailed below.

Required Coursework
COMP-SCI 5540Principles of Big Data Management3
COMP-SCI 5541Advanced Programming Languages (Data Science Lab (Needs to be proposed as new course number))3
COMP-SCI 5542Big Data Analytics and Applications3
COMP-SCI 5565Introduction to Statistical Learning3
COMP-SCI 5567Machine Learning for Data Scientists3
Program Electives 15
Cloud Computing
Real-time Big Data Analytics
Advanced Software Engineering
Knowledge Discovery and Management
Fundamentals of Probabilistic Graphical Models
Directed Readings
Special Topics (Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity)
Special Topics (Python/Deep Learning Programming)
Special Topics (Big Data Programming)
Special Topics (IOT/Robots Programming)
Computer Vision
Econometric Methods
Colloquium In Econometrics
Business Analytics and Statistics
Data Management and Data Mining for Business Analytics
Customer Data Analytics
Statistical Design Of Experiments
Time Series Analysis
Total Credits30