Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Graduate students will demonstrate scholarly competence in the organization, interpretation and evaluation of knowledge.
  • Graduate students will demonstrate professional competence in the communication and dissemination of knowledge.

Required Courses

CONSVTY 5591GPedagogy of Music Theory3
CONSVTY 5574History And Philosophy Of Music Education3
choose ONE of the following courses (3 credits total):
CONSVTY 5589Academic Portfolio3
or CONSVTY 5599 Thesis
choose ONE of the following RESEARCH courses (3 credits total):
CONSVTY 5594AIntroduction To Experimental Research In Music3
or CONSVTY 5585 Introduction to Descriptive Research in Music
or CONSVTY 5578 Research for Music Teachers
Methods/Materials/Music Electives (e.g., CONSVTY 5540x, 5582x, 5583x, 5586x, 5587x, Summer Workshops, Applied Music)8
TOTAL: 30 hours minimum