BM Core Requirements

CONSVTY 141Musicianship I 14
CONSVTY 142Musicianship II 14
CONSVTY 241Musicianship III 14
CONSVTY 242Musicianship IV 14
CONSVTY 390Analysis 13
CONSVTY 110Keyboard Skills I 1,21
CONSVTY 123Keyboard Skills II 1,21
CONSVTY 223Keyboard Skills III 1,21
CONSVTY 310Keyboard Skills IV 1,21
CONSVTY 351History of Music in Western Civilization I 13
CONSVTY 352History of Music in Western Civilization II 13
CONSVTY 380Basic Conducting - Choral 1,22
or CONSVTY 381 Basic Conducting - Instrumental

Not required for BM Jazz Studies


Not required for Piano Performance Majors