Conservatory Policy Statements (Undergraduate)

Revised 2/11/15 (SMC)

Adopted by the faculty 4/7/15

Course Repetition Policy

  1. A Conservatory student may retake a Conservatory course only once without approval unless that course is designed to be repeatable for credit (e.g. Ensemble).
  2. If the student fails to meet minimum grade standards for a second time, a petition may be filed with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies requesting a third and final attempt.
  3. If a third attempt is granted and is unsuccessful the student may be dismissed from the program.

* (Minimum grade criteria for Conservatory courses can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog)

Late Drop Policy

UMKC policy:

  • Eligible students may withdraw from their classes during the withdraw schedule period that is provided in the Academic Calendar. After the fourth week through the eighth week students will receive an automatic W on their transcript.
  • After the eighth week, students will be assessed academically and, if they are failing at the time of withdrawal, they will be given a grade of WF (withdrawn failing) at the discretion of the faculty member. A WF is not calculated in the grade-point average.
  • After the twelfth week students must petition their home academic unit before being allowed to withdraw from a course. Students who want to withdraw from all of their classes must follow the Total (“term”) Withdraw Policy

Conservatory Policy:

  1. The Conservatory will follow the UMKC policy for late drops.
  2. Approval for dropping after the twelfth week will be given only when there are extenuating circumstances, such as illness or injury.  Approval will not be granted due to dissatisfaction with the grade.
  3. A petition must be submitted to the Associate Dean responsible for undergraduate studies no later than the 14th week of the semester.
  4. Dropping courses could adversely affect a student’s Conservatory scholarship eligibility.

Retroactive Add Policy

  1. Under normal circumstances, a student will not be allowed to add courses retroactively.
  2. If there are extenuating circumstances, a petition form requesting a retroactive add may be submitted to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Graduation Walking Policy

A student that has applied for graduation and has 6 or less credits to complete by the end of that semester may walk in the commencement ceremony under the following conditions:

  1. The student is in good academic standing.
  2. The student has successfully satisfied the Roo Writer requirement.
  3. The student has successfully satisfied the Constitution requirement.
  4. The student has made a commitment to complete the remaining credit hours by the following semester (unless courses needed are not offered until the subsequent semester)*. 
    1. Failure to enroll for that semester by two weeks prior to the commencement ceremony will result in a revoking of the walking privileges. 
    2. *Music Therapy Students - Once enrolled in CONS 410 (Internship), have a maximum of two semesters to complete the course.