Expenses (Basic Preparation)

Approximate expenses for the basic preparation dental hygiene program are listed below. These do not include room and board, expenses for personal items or educational fees.

Instrument rental and supplies (entire program) $4,075
Textbooks (entire program) $2,663
Uniforms, lab coats, etc. (entire program) $ 600
National, regional and state licensure fees $1,500
Professional association fee $90

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice. An advance deposit of $100 is required on admission to the program. This payment shall be credited to the student's educational fee upon enrollment. The fee is non-refundable except by special order of the dean of the School of Dentistry and as approved by the director of admissions.

Financial Assistance

In addition to the University's financial aid services, the UMKC Dental Hygienists' Alumni Association (UMKC DHAA) has several scholarship funds and grants for dental hygiene students who are in need of financial assistance and who qualify academically. For more information, see Scholarships and Awards.