Program Prerequisites

Students must complete the 30 hour General Education Core ( Alternatives to Anchor and Focus courses can be found at this site.  In addition, program specific prerequisites must be met for a minimum of 28 additional (58 total) semester hours prior to entry.  Student must meet the state requirement for study of U.S. and Missouri Constitutions. Credit will be granted for courses taken at other accredited institutions, which are substantially equivalent to those offered at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, provided a grad of C or above was received. Six credit hours of excess Focus coursework transferred from another institution satisfies each Anchor course.

Reasoning and Values
DISC 100Discourse I: Reasoning and Values (Speech and Writing)3
Anchor I GE3
Culture and Diversity
DISC 200Discourse II: Culture and Diversity (Writing and Speech)3
Anchor II GE3
Arts and Humanities (Focus A)
One 3 credit hour course chosen from Focus A3
Scientific Reasoning (Focus B)
MATH 110College Algebra3
Human Values and Ethical Reasoning (Focus C)
One 3 credit hour course satisfies Focus C & Constitution Requirement3
Dental Hygiene Specific Prerequisites
COMM-ST 110Fundamentals Of Effective Speaking And Listening3
SOCIOL 101Sociology: An Introduction3
PSYCH 210General Psychology3
Biological and Physical Sciences13-19
CHEM 211General Chemistry I GE4
CHEM 211LExperimental General Chemistry I GE1
LS-MCRB 112Microbiology and Living3
LS-ANATO 218Introductory Anatomy3
LS-PHYS 217Human Physiology3
(If taking a combined Anatomy & Physiology, it must be a sequence of two semesters.)
One three credit hour course from Focus Elective3
Remaining hours may come from Focus Areas A-D12-18

UMKC General Education Core (