The grading and grade-point system used by all academic programs in the School of Dentistry is defined by the University. It is outlined in the General Graduate Academic Regulations and Information section of this catalog.

Incomplete Grades

An instructor may give an incomplete grade (I) to a student who, because of illness or other valid reasons beyond the student's control, has been unable to complete the work in a course. A student who receives an incomplete, and who subsequently does not elect to withdraw from the course, must complete the required work by a date specified by the instructor. Failure to complete required work by this date is cause for the incomplete to be changed to an F (failure without credit). This is exclusive of those courses that are considered directed individual studies, internships, special topics, practicums, and research and thesis courses.

An incomplete is appropriate when enough work in the course has been completed that the student can finish the remaining work without re-enrolling in the course in question or attending additional classes. Otherwise students should initiate withdrawal (but only with permission).

Students may not re-enroll in a course for which an incomplete remains on their records.