The Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Certificate is designed to provide inservice teachers with deeper understanding of the relationship among culture, cognition, language, literacy, experience, and learning.  Teachers will examine ways to provide discipline-specific powerful learning experiences for urban students that build upon their culture and everyday experiences. 

Admission requirements

Teacher certification/licensure and/or employment in a PK-12 school.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Apply the theory, research, and practice in culturally responsive pedagogy in their own classroom.
  • Identify approaches for active engagement in meaningful learning and use of assessment to gauge the effectiveness of teaching practices.
  • Analyze the reciprocal relationship between urban schools and the communities they serve.

Courses Required for the Certificate

EDUC-C&I 5514Overview of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy3
EDUC-C&I 5516Understanding the Crisis in Urban Schools3
EDUC-C&I 5518Assessment of Diverse Learners, Engagement and Motivation3
EDUC-C&I 5519Discipline Specific Pedagogy for Diverse Learners3