Education majors are expected to maintain a quality of achievement significantly above minimum UMKC standards for degree work. Individual student progress will be monitored throughout the program. Satisfactory progress is required of all students for retention in the teacher preparation program. Students are expected to maintain academic standards, perform satisfactorily in clinical courses, refrain from academic dishonesty, comply with the established University and teacher education timetables and requirements, and refrain from unethical or unprofessional behavior or behaviors that obstruct the training process or threaten the welfare of the student or others. Other circumstances involving student behavior will be addressed by the faculty on an individual basis.

Title II Notice

Title II of the Higher Education Act requires that every institution of higher education provide public information regarding the pass rate of the institution's graduates on the teacher certification or licensure assessment of the state in which the institution is located. Additionally, Title II requires that a comparison of each program's pass rate be made with the average pass rate in the state.

Graduates of the teacher education program at UMKC have achieved a 100% pass rate on the Praxis II, a nationally normed examination required by the State of Missouri for certification purposes. The average pass rate in Missouri is 99%.