Discipline Coordinator

Max J. Skidmore, (816) 235-2535, skidmorem@umkc.edu

Political Science faculty who are members of the doctoral faculty.

Note: The political science discipline is accepting applications for the co-discipline only.

Political Science is a discipline in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program administered by the School of Graduate Studies.

Note: The discipline-specific requirements listed here are in addition to the requirements listed in Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Application Procedure and Minimum Criteria for Admission and Minimum Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements.

Discipline-Specific Admission Requirements

Political Science only accepts students as a co-discipline in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program.

Applicants who designate political science as a co-discipline must have earned at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in 12 or more hours in political science or closely related courses or otherwise demonstrate sufficient background in the discipline. Applicants must also submit samples of written work, including a one- or two-page preliminary proposal for an interdisciplinary plan of study and fulfill other requirements for full admission as determined by the political science doctoral faculty.

The political science doctoral faculty will recommend to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies whether or not an applicant should be admitted. It should be understood that a student who satisfies the criteria of the School of Graduate Studies and the requirements of the Department of Political Science may or may not be granted full admission to the Ph.D. program. Availability of faculty and resources will be among the factors determining admission.

Students who designate political science as a co-discipline but lack adequate preparation in political science may be admitted provisionally, pending completion of designated undergraduate courses in the discipline.

Suggested Compatible Co-disciplines

Economics, Educational Leadership Policy and Foundations, English, History, Public Affairs and Administration

Core Program Requirements

In general, students must take whatever specific courses are deemed necessary by their committees.

The amount of work required for the Ph.D. depends on the student's level of preparation. A student entering the Ph.D. program without an M.A. in political science may expect to do significantly more work than that required of a student with such a degree in hand.

Students with political science as their co-discipline must take at least 12 hours in political science as designated by their committees, but must include POL-SCI 5501 Seminar in American Government, POL-SCI 5530 Seminar in International Relations, and  POL-SCI 5513 Seminar in Comparative Politics.

Requirements for Comprehensive Examinations

These examinations are given twice a year. Further information is available from the department.