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Theodore White

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Anthony Persechini, Department Chair

Department of Genetics, Developmental and Evolutionary Biology

Leonard Dobens, Department Chair

Department of Chemistry

Kathleen Kilway, Department Chair


The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences was established in 2019. In the fall of 2019 the School of Biological Sciences (established in 1985 as an eminence program by the curators of the University of Missouri) merged with the Department of Chemistry (formerly in the College of Arts and Sciences) to form the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences. The combined research facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories offer outstanding research and academic programs in modern biological and chemical sciences.

Organizational Structure

Division of Biological Sciences

Research by faculty, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, is focused on cellular and molecular aspects of modern biology, with emphasis in molecular genetics, cell biology and structural biology. Advances in these areas will provide fundamental knowledge for biotechnology, molecular medicine, environmental remediation and computational biology. Students are encouraged to gain hands-on research experience, involving them in the process of creating knowledge and equipping them to shape the future. The Division of Biological Sciences is organized in two departments, the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and the Department of Genetics, Developmental and Evolutionary Biology.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry faculty carry out research in the traditional disciplines of chemistry such as inorganic, organic, analytical and physical chemistry and are actively involved in research and continually building strengths in interdisciplinary scientific areas, including medicinal and bioorganic chemistry, polymer science, material science and engineering, chemical physics, biomaterials and nanoscience. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in cutting-edge research opportunities with expert faculty, exposing them to theory, experiment/observation and simulation; and numerous connections to career opportunities within Kansas City, the country and abroad.

Career Readiness

Students come to SBC to complete a degree but leave prepared with the skills, experiences, and knowledge to successfully move into the workplace or graduate and professional programs.  Career seminars assist students to learn about and explore a wide variety of career options, build professional networks, gain knowledge through shadowing and informational interviews, and prepare themselves as competitive applicants. In addition, undergraduate students participating in employment, internships, shadowing and service opportunities can earn credit toward their degree through our Experience Based Education course.

Organizations and Activities

Students who are actively engaged with their education significantly increase their likelihood to graduate. The School offers students a variety of undergraduate and graduate student organizations that meet for scientific discussions, community service, and social events. A full list of student organizations may be found in Roo Groups on the UMKC website. Some student organizations helpful to students in biology, chemistry, or pre-health professional fields include:

Alpha Phi Omega (Service)

SBC Student Government Association

Biological Students Society

Pre-Dental Society

Pre-Dental Hygiene Society

Pre-Medical Society

Pre-Optometry Society

Pre-Physician Assistant Society

Lavoisier Society (Graduate)

Graduate Chemistry Society

Seminar Program

The School offers a biological and chemical sciences seminar program throughout the year with weekly advanced research seminars featuring presentations by national recognized visiting scientists and campus faculty. All students and faculty are welcome to attend.

SBC Boot Camp 

A one-week program designed to help incoming students have a smooth transition to the expectations of college prior to the start of the fall semester. The program is open to UMKC students enrolled in BIOLOGY 108 General Biology I, BIOLOGY 109 General Biology II, or CHEM 211 General Chemistry I in the fall semester.

SBC Living Learning Community

A collaborative program with Residential Life. Students in the residence halls interact with faculty, advisors and alumni through special programs and events.  The community fosters students with like-minded interests and majors to form study group and support networks.