First-Year Exploratory Plan of Study

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
UNIV 100 (may be required)1UNIV 1022
GEFSE 1013ENGLISH 225, COMM-ST 110, or COMM-ST 2773
ENGLISH 1103Exploratory Critical Course (or MATH/STAT Course if not completed)3
MATH 116 or STAT 1153Exploratory Critical Course or additional Critical Thinking course*3
GECRT-AH 1013Foreign Language3
Exploratory Critical Course or Foreign Language3 
 16 14
Total Credits: 30
Interest Exploration Through Critical Courses
Historical Perspective
ART-HIST 201From Cave Paintings to Cathedrals3
ART-HIST 202From Michelangelo to Modernism3
HISTORY 201European History to 16003
HISTORY 202European History since 16003
HISTORY 206World History To 14503
HISTORY 208World History since 14503
Mode of Expression
ART 105Introduction to Photography3
ART 112Foundation Drawing3
ART 114Foundation Digital Design3
ART 121Foundation 2D Design3
COMM-ST 220Introduction: Modern Communications Media3
COMM-ST 250Introduction to Film and Video Production3
COMM-ST 260PIntroduction To Web Communications4
CONSVTY 118Electronica3
CONSVTY 125History and Development of Rock and Roll3
CONSVTY 126Introduction to World Music3
CONSVTY 103NFundamentals of Music3
CONSVTY 120NMusic Appreciation3
THEATRE 101Introduction To Acting3
THEATRE 130Foundations Of Fine Arts Theatre3
THEATRE 210Introduction To Design For The Theater3
ANTHRO 103Introduction To Cultural Anthropology3
BLKS 201Global Systems and the Origins of Black American Culture and Institutions3
LLS 201Introduction to Latinx and Latin American Studies3
PHILOS 210Introduction to Philosophy3
WGS 201Introduction To Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
Written Text
CLASSICS 119Myth and Literature3
CLASSICS 131Seven Wonders and Beyond: Archaeological Wonders of the Ancient World3
ENGLISH 120Literary Monstrosities3
ENGLISH 123True Lives: Autobiographical Arts and Acts3
ENGLISH 126Popular Literature3
ENGLISH 207World Literature in English3
ENGLISH 214Introduction To Fiction3
ENGLISH 215Introduction To Poetry3
ENGLISH 216The Craft of Creative Writing3
ENGLISH 242Women Writing/Women Reading3
ENGLISH 273Science Fiction3
ENGLISH 278Asian American Literature3
TCH-ED 201Children's Literature3