First-Year Exploratory Plan of Study

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
UNIV 100 (may be required)1UNIV 1022
GEFSE 1013ENGLISH 225, COMM-ST 110, or COMM-ST 2773
ENGLISH 1103MATH Course appropriate for area(s) of interest (or Exploratory Critical Course if complete)2-5
MATH Course appropriate for area(s) of interest 2-5Exploratory Critical Course3-5
GECRT-SC 1013Exploratory Critical Course, Constitution Course, or additional Critical Thinking course*3-4
Exploratory Critical Course or additional Critical Thinking course*3-4 
 15-19 13-19
Total Credits: 28-38
Interest Exploration Through Critial Courses
ACCTNG 210Introduction To Financial Accounting3
ASTR 150Astronomy: Motions of the Cosmos3
ASTR 153L2
CHEM 211
General Chemistry I
and Experimental General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
and Experimental General Chemistry II
COMP-SCI 101Problem Solving and Programming I3
ECON 201Introduction to Economics I3
ECON 202Introduction To Economics II3
GEOG 203Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
or UPD 203 GIS For Urban Planning
GEOLOGY 220General Geology3
MIS 202Computer Applications In Management3
PHILOS 222Foundations Of Logic and Scientific Reasoning3
PHYSICS 210General Physics I4
PHYSICS 240Physics For Scientists and Engineers I5