INT-DISC 380P People With Special Needs: Education Planning Credits: 4

This course will address educational and psychological assessment strategies that result in a diagnosis of disability. Various specific disabilities and legal parameters for public education of people with disabilities will be discussed. Students will learn how to read and understand various educational and psychological assessment reports and will become knowledgeable about how to access community supports and services to address special needs in an education setting. By the end of the course students will have created a personal notebook of educational planning and accommodations for use as a resource for parents, teachers, or students in educational settings.

INT-DISC 381P People With Special Needs: Career Exploration Credits: 4

This course will address the issues that arise in career exploration and planning for people with a disability diagnosis. Students will become familiar with the philosophy of community inclusion and will learn how to plan based upon the unique strengths and interest of the individual. Career exploration tools will be explored in class and as assigned, and students will create a personal notebook to be used as a resource tool of accommodation materials and aides.

INT-DISC 382P People With Special Needs: Disability Service Settings Credits: 4

Independent study course: Students will meet at specific times as a group with the instructor, will write a term paper, and complete a 20 hour practicum in a pre-approved disability service setting.

INT-DISC 482P The Meanings Of Masculinity In Contemporary U.S. Culture Credits: 4

Topics include: Perspectives on Masculinity; Boyhood; Collegiate Masculinities: Privilege and Peril; Men and Work; Men and Health: Body & Mind; Men in Relationships; Male Sexualities; Men in Families; Masculinities in the Media; Men, Movements, and the Future. Small and large group discussions are anticipated in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, students will be expected to complete a series of assignments that are relevant to the topics at hand. This course would ideally incorporate UMKC faculty/staff and individuals/groups outside of the university who have completed research/work that seeks to understand men's lives better.

INT-DISC 483P Artful Man Embodied: Cultural Icons of Masculinity Credits: 4

This course will examine a variety of mediums used to "embody" meanings of masculinity (with special attention paid to shifting settings for one media source can alter its meaning drastically simple by being located in a different venue and/or time). This course will incorporate tours of, and works from, the Nelson-Atkins and Kemper Museums. Images by/of "men" to be examined include those found in the work of selected "masculine icon" authors; those found in popular culture; and those found in the everyday (seemingly mundane) worlds of family, work, and medicine. As the title of the course implies, students will explore historical ideas about bodies/embodiment (be they scientific, religious, social, etc.) into their image exploration.