LLS 201 Introduction to Latina/o Studies Credits: 3

This course addresses and examines the social, economic, and political factors that have influenced the historical experiences of Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. Attention will focus on the major concepts, issues and debates in the field of Latina/Latino Studies. Particular consideration will be given to an analysis of and understanding as to how these factors have influenced the past and present status of Latinos in U.S. society. Given the diversity existing within the Latino population, the course will be comparative, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary in nature.

LLS 300 Special Topics in Latinx and Latin American Studies Credits: 3

A variable content course offered in the area of Latinx and Latin American studies.

LLS 310 The World of Latinx Youth and Adolescents in the U.S. Credits: 3

This course will provide a general introduction and in-depth understanding to the largest group of racial/ethnic adolescents in the United States: Latinx youth. An historical examination of Latinx youth will provide a better understanding of their present status, with emphasis on their contact and interactions within social institutions. Additionally, students will analyze the experiences Latinx youth have within and among other groups in the broader social context based on past, present, and possible future interactions.

LLS 322 Race and Ethnic Relations Credits: 3

The nature, origin and dynamics of ethnic and race relations in the U. S. and other societies. Specific attention will be given to the historical and contemporary contexts of prejudice discrimination and confrontation.

LLS 348 Latinx Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees in the U.S. Credits: 3

This course addresses the culture of societies of U.S. citizens, immigrants, and refugees of Latin American heritage living in the U.S. The course emphasizes recent anthropological, historical, cultural, and sociological studies.

LLS 397 Independent Readings in Latinx and Latin American Studies Credits: 1-3

Students will complete extensive readings in an area selected by the student with prior consultation with instructor.

LLS 400 Advanced Special Topics in Latinx and Latin American Studies Credits: 1-3

This course is a variable content course and offered as a result of specialized faculty interest, student demand, or the availability of a visiting expert in a field closely related to Latinx and Latin American Studies.

LLS 421 Made in the USA: Latinx Art and Experience Credits: 3

This course focuses on art of and by members of the U.S. Latinx community. Students in this course will engage with the politics of representation, gender, sexuality, race, class, and ethnicity in Latinx art, as well as visual and popular culture.

LLS 497 Directed Research Credits: 1-3

Students will develop and conduct a research project in an area selected by the student under the supervision of a faculty member. Students may only enroll in 6 total credits of LLS 497 during their time at UMKC.

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior Level Standing.