SOC-SCI 301P Varieties - People and Society Credits: 4

This course will entail an intensive study of the sociocultural patterns in a selected nation. The discussions will focus on ethnic, racial and religious diversity in various national settings integrated with material in Soc Sci 303P.

Prerequisites: Block XVI or equivalent.

SOC-SCI 302P Power and Authority Credits: 4

This weeknight course is intended to deal with the issues of power and authority as they bear on people at the individual, family, social and political levels. The intent of the course is to discuss the issues of control, power, authority and the limits of obedience.

SOC-SCI 395C Economics Of Energy Credit: 1

See ECON 395C.

SOC-SCI 465P Human Resources In The Service Industry Credits: 4

This course will trace the historical development, and examine current policies and procedures of human resources in service organizations. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding the evolving importance of employees in developing systems to meet operational goals. Management and labor perspectives on legal employment issues, compensations issues, and team development strategies will be examined.