Counseling Services

4825 Troost Avenue, Suite 206
(816) 235-1635
Fax: (816) 235-6350

Director of Counseling, Health, Testing and Disability Services: Arnold Abels, Ph.D. contact information

Counseling Services is one of the areas in the Counseling, Health, Testing and Disability Services. The mission of Counseling Services is to provide services to foster the psychological well being, personal development and educational potential of our diverse students, faculty, staff and campus community.

We know that being a college student means more than attending class, reading textbooks, and taking tests. Life happens; most UMKC students have a lot of things on their plate to deal with other than academic tasks and expectations. The staff at Counseling Services understand this and are here to help. Sometimes, that may mean learning more effective ways to balance time, manage stress, and handle relationships. Other times, it may mean dealing with depression, anxiety, risky behaviors, or other serious mental health concerns. These are all things that the professional staff of Counseling Services are equipped to assist with, in a confidential and professional setting.

In a recent survey of Counseling Services clients…
…92% said what I have learned from counseling has led to positive changes in my life;
…99% said they would return if they were to experience problems in the future; and
…97% said they would recommend Counseling Services to a friend.

 If you need assistance, take the advice of your fellow students and consider talking with one of our counselors. We are here to help!

Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling can focus on such concerns as relationship issues, anxiety, depression, procrastination, eating disorders, loss, loneliness, indecision, academic problems, crisis intervention, stress management and strengthening of social skills.
  • Couples Counseling is available when one or both partners are affiliated with UMKC. Relationship counseling focuses on improving or understanding relationships like those between partners, spouses, roommates, and friends.
  • Group Counseling offers a great opportunity for UMKC students to learn about themselves and their relationships with others and work on interpersonal concerns in a professionally facilitated exchange with others. General interpersonal process therapy groups are regularly offered, while topic-themed groups (e.g., stress reduction) are occasionally offered. Group therapy is free and unlimited for students.
  • Psychological Assessment services help students better understand their emotional or learning concerns. The Assess for Success program specifically assesses learning concerns and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Call 235-1635 and ask for the Assess for Success program for more information.
  • Clients of the Center who would benefit from medication consultation or management are either referred to Student Health or outside providers for such services.
  • A Multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Treatment Team provides support for the physical, emotional, and nutritional health of clients with eating disordered behaviors.
  • Consultations with students, faculty, staff and parents are available about their concerns only without revealing who is a client as is dictated by law and ethics.
  • Workshops and Presentations for students and staff on a variety of topics are available. Student organizations that have program needs can contact the office by phone or the web.
  • Services to address Alcohol and Drug concerns are available, including consultations, individual counseling, and outreach programs.

Fees, Appointments and Confidentiality

All students, faculty and staff are eligible for services. Students receive up to eight free counseling sessions every academic year and additional sessions are $15/session. Sessions for faculty and staff are $20/session. Testing fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Services are offered at 4825 Troost as well as limited hours on Hospital Hill.

Visits to UMKC Counseling Services and the contents of discussions with the staff are strictly confidential.  No information regarding clients is released to any person, agency, or University personnel without written permission of any client 18 and older, unless mandated by state law.

Call (816) 235-1635 for an appointment or additional information.

MindBody Connection

Student Health and Wellness partners with the UMKC Counseling Services to provide the MindBody Connection.

The MindBody Connection supports students' life balance and holistic health and wellness through a variety of experiential activities and resources. The college experience can be stressful and challenging even for the strongest of students; the MindBody Connection strives to help students with stress reduction and strengthening of coping and life skills that foster college success. The MindBody Connection’s motto is “Take Care of Yourself,” focusing on physical, mental, and emotional wellness as integral to supporting students in attaining their educational goals.

Interactive services and programs include:

  • Relaxation Station with massage chair, soothing musical background, and aromatherapy
  • Catch the emWave by HeartMath (stress management/heart coherence biofeedback software)
  • Staff on site to help with questions and guidance

Students can use the quiet space in the central room for a resting stop in a busy day or as a space to study or use the computer stations for personal use. A reading library is available for exploring ideas and sharing of creative expressions. Educational materials related to holistic health & wellness are available at the MindBody Connection as well as an opportunity to take a quick assessment of how one is doing in various life domains, identifying strengths and challenges or growth edges. Staff at the MindBody Connection can help with recommendations and connections to campus, community, or web resources that can further assist students in identified areas. For more information about the MindBody Connection, visit us at the Atterbury Student Success Center, suite 112 or visit or email