Student Disability Services
4825 Troost Avenue, Suite 104
(816) 235-5696
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Manager: R. Scott Laurent Contact Information

Student Disability Services is one of the areas in the Counseling, Health, Testing and Disability Services. The mission of Student Disability Services is to educate and support the UMKC community to understand the unique challenges, myths and stereotypes faced by people with disabilities; to recognize the unique contributions that people with disabilities make to society; to accept and engage people with disabilities in the daily flow of life; and to provide reasonable accommodations to help students demonstrate their abilities, knowledge and skills. The office is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities feel welcomed and supported at UMKC, that they are engaged in the campus community, that they feel that UMKC is their university and that UMKC is responsive to their unique needs.

Student Disability Services provides programming and supportive services at no charge to students with a disability. Our primary mission is the provision of reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations. While all accommodations are based on the functional limitations caused by a disability, common accommodations are extended exam time, peer notetakers, exams in reduced distraction rooms, textbooks in alternate formats, and sign language interpreters. Other accommodations may be available depending on the need caused by the disability.

To receive services through this office, students must have a disability that has been documented by a qualified medical or clinical professional. The documentation should be comprehensive, usually not more than three years old, and should detail the functional limitations caused by the disability. For further information on documenting your disability please see our website at Students should contact the office as soon as possible, ideally at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, to arrange for accommodations so as to avoid delays in the provision of accommodations.