College of Arts and Sciences

Office of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Scofield Hall, Room 302
711 E. 51 Street
(816) 235-2534

Associate Dean: Kati Toivanen contact information

The associate dean coordinates programs and support to meet curricular and co-curricular needs of undergraduate students.

Staff in the Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office (9 Scofield Hall) and Program for Adult College Education (PACE, 104 Scofield Hall) provide academic advising to prospective and current students and referrals to faculty advisors, evaluate transfer work and transcripts, monitor degree progress, process petitions and special requests, conduct graduation degree audits, assist with freshman and transfer orientations, serve as liaisons to other UMKC and community college advising offices and represent the College of Arts and Sciences at other special programs and recruiting events.

Through the dean's office, coordination and support are also provided for numerous areas related to academic programs, including:

  • Curriculum and program development.
  • Academic dishonesty and student conduct.
  • Academic standards, grading and appeals.
  • Articulation efforts.
  • Assessment measures.
  • Catalog production.
  • Commencement exercises.
  • Scholarships.
  • First Year Experience program.
  • Enrollment management.
  • Student recruitment.
  • High School College Partnerships.
  • Marketing, Communications and web site.
  • Online education.
  • Student success and retention.

In these efforts, the associate dean and staff work with the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff, and also coordinate with other University of Missouri academic programs, community colleges and other student affairs offices, including the Office of Admissions, Registration and Records, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Center for Academic Development, Student Involvement, etc.

Conservatory of Music and Dance

Advising and Admissions Offices
Grant Hall, Room 138
5228 Charlotte Street
(816) 235-2900

The Conservatory’s Advising and Admissions offices provide registration assistance, as well as advising, admissions and scholarship information to all prospective, admitted and currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students. Advising staff assist undergraduate and graduate students with curricular and co-curricular concerns and act as liaisons with other University offices. Information needed to complete the admission, audition, or enrollment processes can be obtained in this office.

Henry W. Bloch School of Management

Office of Student Services
Bloch School, Room 115
5110 Cherry Street
(816) 235-2215

Assistant Dean for Student Services: Kami Thomas contact information

Staff in the Bloch School Student Services office provide academic support to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students. Assistance is provided to prospective, admitted and currently enrolled students in the bachelor's of business administration, bachelor's of science in accounting, master's of public administration, and master's of science in accounting.

Staff provide academic advising and referral to University resources and support services, determine admissibility to various degree programs and assess preparedness for academic work in the Bloch School.

Other services include scholarship administration, graduation degree checks and notification of insufficient academic progress. Student Services staff work with faculty and other staff to coordinate academic policies and procedures, class schedules, room assignments and enrollment information.

School of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Programs Office
Biological Sciences Building, Room 016
5007 Rockhill Road
(816) 235-2580

Advisors in the office provide pre-admissions information, registration advising, information about research opportunities, honors programs, career choices and pursuit of advanced degrees, as well as processing degree checks, add-drops and other procedural matters.

The School of Biological Sciences provides academic advising for all undergraduate students each semester prior to registration. Information and appointments can be obtained by calling (816) 235-2580.

Graduate students in the school receive advising and administrative support from the School of Biological Sciences Graduate Programs Office. Students may obtain information from that office by calling (816) 235-2352.

School of Computing and Engineering

Office of Student Affairs
534 Flarsheim Hall
(816) 235-2360

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs: Marjory Eisenman contact information

The Office of Student Affairs in the School of Computing and Engineering is a valuable resource for both prospective and current SCE students. Information about tutoring, career services, scholarships, and student organizations and teams can be obtained by contacting our office.

Both the CME and CSEE departments in the School of Computing and Engineering provide advising and counseling to prospective students who are planning to major in SCE degree programs. In addition both offices enroll all visiting and community students wanting to take courses offered within SCE. Following admission and acceptance into SCE degree programs, students are assigned an advisor.  All SCE students are required to be advised each semester and should contact the department offices for appointments:

Civil and Mechanical Engineering
352 Flarsheim Hall
(816) 235-5550

Computer Science Electrical Engineering
546 Flarsheim Hall
(816) 235-5661

Scholarship information for the School of Computing & Engineering can be obtained by visiting

School of Dentistry - Office of Student Programs

Office of Student Programs
Dental School, Room 420
650 E. 25th Street
(816) 235-2080

Assistant Dean for Student Programs: Mr. Richard Bigham contact information

The Office of Student Programs (OSP) at the School of Dentistry functions within three primary areas of focus and responsibility: admissions/recruitment, student records and student support services.

Representative services/activities provided by the OSP include identification and counseling of potential applicants, processing applications to the school, registration and maintenance of student records, initial assistance in financial aid and counseling and housing.

The majority of students' needs and services are provided directly by the office. For others, office personnel furnish initial assistance, with subsequent referral to other student affairs offices (e.g., UMKC's Counseling and Testing Center, Career Services, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, etc.), as necessary. In this regard, the OSP serves as a liaison with these University departments.

The OSP also is responsible for a health careers pipeline programs. Through the several components of these programs, minority and educationally disadvantaged students interested in dentistry are identified, and their opportunity for enrollment and retention in dental school to the point of graduation is enhanced.

School of Education

Office of Student Services
Education Building, Room 129
615 E. 52nd Street
(816) 235-2234

Assistant Dean of Student Services:  Christine Timmerman contact information

The School of Education Student Services office mission is to facilitate student success by providing quality services and support in the spirit of building a community of learners. The office is a referral and resource for all students in the School of Education. Primary responsibilities are to provide quality advising for undergraduates and to coordinate the processing of certification. The staff also assists with recruitment events, contact with prospective students, freshmen and transfer orientation, admissions to teacher education, School of Education scholarship materials, commencement and other student-centered activities.


Academic advisors are available to meet with undergraduate education and pre-education majors and those seeking teacher certification. In addition, all students are assigned a faculty advisor who is available for assistance in program and career planning. Appointments are required.


Certification applications and testing information for Missouri and Kansas is kept on file in the Student Services office. The staff processes all applications for education-related certification.

School of Graduate Studies

Office of Student Affairs
Administrative Center, Room 300F
5115 Oak Street
(816) 235-1161

Manager of Student Services: Jennifer Friend, Ph.D. contact information

The School of Graduate Studies is the academic home for students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, monitoring student progress and providing a variety of support services for the students enrolled in the program. The school coordinates training for Graduate Teaching Assistants, and, in conjunction with the Graduate Student Fellowship and Awards Committee, administers a number of campus graduate competitions. The School of Graduate Studies also works with departments in the Division of Student Affairs to provide programs of special interest to graduate students. Staff members advise students seeking information about graduate study and direct inquires to the appropriate academic unit's principal graduate adviser. The Manager of Student Services also serves in an ombuds role for persons applying to graduate study.

School of Law

Office of Student Services
School of Law, Room 1-200
500 E. 52nd Street
(816) 235-1644

Associate Dean of Students: Allen Rostron contact information

The School of Law is committed to its students’ success. This begins with the School’s Admissions Office. Along with the Faculty Admissions committee, it endeavors to recruit and admit students who are likely to succeed, are a good “fit” for UMKC and who add to the diversity of the School. Our Registrar is the primary contact for current students, providing assistance with student records, course selection, registration, grades and other matters related to the academic process. She also serves as the students’ first contact with the Bar regarding student practice rules and admission to the Bar. The Associate Dean for Students oversees the Registrar and interacts with students regarding academic requirements, application of academic rules and policies, the course schedule and part time and full time status. Every student has a faculty advisor who assists with career development and course planning, and the Associate Dean reviews each student's proposed schedule to insure fairness in the course selection process and each student's progress toward the degree.

The School’s Director of Student Services works closely with students on matters relating to non-academic counseling, assistance with problems that arise during the year, exam rescheduling, disability accommodation (as liaison to the campus office), and general non-academic support. The Director also works with the School’s many student groups and coordinates programs regarding bar admissions, character and fitness screening and the bar exam. She is very accessible to students and is committed to meeting their legitimate needs. Academic support needs of students are addressed by the Director of the Academic Strategies Program, a member of the faculty who oversees the program and provides individual assistance to students in developing effective law school study skills. The School’s Laptop Clinic is available to students to assist with their computing needs.

The Professional and Career Development Center, staffed by a Director, a Coordinator and an Administrator, assists students in planning their careers and executing their job searches for part-time, summer and permanent employment. The Office presents numerous programs that introduce students to the many areas of practice and non-practice use of the J.D. degree. It runs the on-campus interviewing program and maintains lists of job openings. The Center also coordinates the School’s Pro Bono/Public Service Honors Program and its new Solo and Small Firm Incubator.

School of Law students also interface with Campus offices in many areas, including Financial Aid, Cashier, Counseling and Testing, Disabled Student Services, and Registrar.

School of Medicine

Office of Student Affairs
School of Medicine, Room M4-205
2411 Holmes Street
(816) 235-1900

The School of Medicine's Office of Student Affairs coordinates a variety of support services that are available to all medical students and are in line with the competencies expected of a UMKC School of Medicine graduate. These services include but are not limited to academic and career counseling, financial planning, personal support, enrichment activities, student events and student organizations and activities. The School of Medicine has at least 25 student organizations and a number of traditions and activities.

Academic Advising

The School of Medicine has a number of personal and academic support systems in place to assist students at all levels of the program.

BA/MD and MD

Two education team coordinators with offices on the Volker campus help first- and second-year students in curriculum planning and guide them to appropriate resources to support their success.  Students work in groups of 10-13 students under the guidance of a physician-scholar (or docent) who instructs the students in medical coursework during the first two years and who also serves as a role model and personal counselor. Additionally 10-12 Year 2 students are selected as peer mentors to the Year 1 class. These students are selected because of their past academic performance and their success in integrating themselves into life at UMKC and the School of Medicine.

Six education team coordinators work with year 3 through 6 students on the School of Medicine campus.  During this time, students work in groups of 12-14 students on a team assigned to a docent who teaches and counsels throughout these years of the curriculum. Teams are assigned an education team coordinator to advise about course selection and personal concerns in consultation with the docent. In their third and fourth years, students are partnered with older students who serve as senior partners. Additional campus resources are available to students in the areas of counseling and support including the UMKC Counseling and Testing Center. Staff regularly meet with students individually, in class meetings and in multiple orientation settings to discuss relevant and timely policies, processes and resources.


Professional and faculty advisors assist students in course selection and enrollment in the graduate programs.  In addition, an education team coordinator is available to assist students in connecting with appropriate resources that support their success.

Career Advising

The School of Medicine’s career advising staff provide medicine specific guidance to students by meeting with students individually as they develop Curricula Vitae and Personal Statements; advise on career choice, residency selection and interviewing process and maintaining a database of physician specialists in the Kansas City area and elsewhere who are willing to mentor students in their specialty exploration and choice. They provide presentations on how to assess compatibility and ‘fit’ with different career paths; explore specialty options and make an informed choice; construct curricula vitae and personal statements; research residency programs and prepare to be a competitive applicants; as well as interview skillfully and follow up properly.

Academic Support Services

The School of Medicine provides academic support to all its students. The curriculum provides challenging coursework, and students should explore all opportunities for alternative study methods. Students have the responsibility to become life-long learners and to meet their own and the school's learning goals. The following services are offered:

Support for Basic Science Courses

During the first years the students take several basic science courses and are given as much support as possible. For first-year BA/MD students, a course called Learning Basic Medical Sciences is designed to give students a core of learning strategies to prevent academic difficulty and to improve higher-order cognitive skills. Course topics surround discussions of learning styles, efficient study techniques and current basic science coursework.

Lecturers in the School of Medicine provide several support sessions and open office-hours during the week as well as individual appointments for students to attain their learning goals. For many classes the school provides successful senior medical students as tutors. Tutors set meeting times and agenda according to students' needs. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of Supplemental Instruction for courses in which it is offered.

Additional Assistance

Individual assistance is available to medical students through a variety of means. Students may receive individual analysis of their study techniques, including reading comprehension; time management; short- and long-term retention techniques; and test-taking abilities. Analysis of a student's basic science knowledge is available through several computer-assisted programs. If required, individual tutoring may be available to supplement the assistance offered through study-group programs. Counseling support also is available to students with personal issues that may hinder their academic performance.

United States Medical Licensing Exam Step 1 Preparation Students preparing for Step 1 of the USMLE are offered a variety of programs to supplement their individual review of the basic sciences. These programs consist of discussion groups, interactive video review sessions, individual test-taking analysis and a Step 1 mock exam. Some of the programs are free to all students and other involve enrollment in fee-based programming. In addition to academic preparation support, resources are available to help students manage the stress related to their preparation for the exam.

Financial Support

The School of Medicine has a full-time Counselor of Student Finances to assist students and parents in understanding the financing of medical school. This individual provides ongoing financial literacy programming to the student body and can assist students one-on-one with the budget planning process.

Wellness Program

The School of Medicine has a full-time Wellness Program Coordinator who coaches students and serves as a point of referral. In addition to Wellness Planning and Coaching, the UMKC School of Medicine Wellness Program offers a variety of workshops throughout the year.

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Office of Student Services
Health Sciences Building
Hospital Hill Campus
2464 Charlotte Street
(816) 235-1700

Director of Student Services: Rebecca Boettcher contact information

The Office of Student Services at the School of Nursing provides numerous services to meet the needs of current students and individuals desiring admission to the School of Nursing. This office coordinates all activities related to admission, advisement, enrollment, registration, graduation, and other student support services. The office assists students seeking financial aid and scholarship monies.

The Office of Student Services maintains student records for graduates and current students and provides assistance to nursing student organizations. In addition, Student Services personnel provide information to prospective students and the community at large regarding UMKC and the School of Nursing.

School of Pharmacy

Office of Student Affairs
Health Sciences Building
Hospital Hill Campus
2464 Charlotte Street
(816) 235-1613

Associate Dean of Student Affairs: Patricia Marken contact information
Director of Student Affairs: Shelly M. Janasz contact information

The Student Affairs Office at the School of Pharmacy provides those essential services that develop, maintain and support currently enrolled undergraduate and professional students, as well as pre-pharmacy students desiring admission to the UMKC School of Pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy offers the Doctor of Pharmacy degree and participates with the School of Graduate Studies offering of the interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphasis areas in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology and toxicology.

Student support services include, but are not limited to, academic advising, short-term counseling referral, assistance in identifying scholarships, financial aid, and part-time employment, finding tutorial assistance, records retention, registration and progression, assistance to student organizations with professional projects, certification of graduation completion and enrollment verifications. The Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs works closely with the director of alumni affairs within the School in developing programs that link current students and alumni. Staff and administrators in the office also serve on a number of School and University committees and task forces, and are responsible for drafting reports to pharmacy agencies such as the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. In addition, Office staff travel to and participate in recruiting fairs and functions held regionally and state wide, provide summer outreach programs for underrepresented students and host campus visits throughout the year. Staff in the Pharmacy Office of Students Affairs act as advisors for the UMKC Pre-Pharmacy Society and individual Pharm.D. Class Offices.

The Student Affairs office at the School of Pharmacy coordinates activities with other departments in the Division of Student Affairs to provide programs of special interest to pharmacy students. The office also works as a liaison to other academic units and student affairs' departments on campus, as well as state licensing boards. It assists the School of Pharmacy faculty in administering curricular functions, class scheduling, admissions and retention policies and faculty advising.

Several events are sponsored through the office including: the admissions interview process, doctor of pharmacy orientation, professional dedication ceremony, pharmacy career day, graduation awards celebrations and commencement.