The Office of Student Involvement is dedicated to assisting students discover and develop their ability to lead themselves, their organizations, the University, and their future communities.

OSI provides opportunities for students to make meaningful contributions to their community while building their academic and civic skills. Our support and encouragement of service-learning projects is guided by four principles:

  • Meet Community Needs: Service-learning projects put the talents and energies of UMKC's students to work solving real issues in their communities; taken together, these programs make a significant national contribution.
  • Improve Participant's Lives: Students' lives are enriched through service-learning as they become engaged in their own educational process, see the work they do benefit those around them, and become actively contributing citizens and community members. The Institute for Leadership & Service is dedicated to ensuring that our programs improve the lives of every participant, building academic, civic, and character excellence.
  • Strengthen Communities: Service-learning projects bring together students, teachers, parents, and organizations to improve their community. By working together towards common goals, participants build trust and strengthen community ties.
  • Build Partnerships: The Institute for Leadership & Service is committed to stimulating strong, sustainable partnerships among local schools, colleges, and organizations in order to improve communities' abilities to meet their ongoing needs.

For more leadership and service opportunities, visit or call (816) 235-1407.