Students interested in the scientific aspects of medicine or dentistry may find the School of Biological Sciences to be the right place for them. A major in biology incorporates courses in biology, chemistry and physics with a broad foundation in the social sciences and humanities. By meeting the degree requirements for the bachelor of science in biology with the cellular and molecular basis of health and disease emphasis, students will automatically fulfill all of the prerequisites and the upper-level biology courses which are highly recommended by most medical schools. The bachelor of science in biology with the pre-dentistry concentration allows students to complete all of the prerequisites and upper-level biology courses strongly suggested by most dental schools. More information about this can be found in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences section of this catalog.

  • Investigate the molecular basis of disease. Courses such as genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology examine the essential elements of modern biological sciences. Electives like neurobiology, endocrinology, immunology and virology emphasize experimental approaches that lay the foundation for the treatment and prevention of disease.
  • Perform hands-on experiments with cells and tissues in facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Laboratory courses such as microbiology and histology bring textbook topics to life and allow students to learn the basics of research.
  • Discover and create new knowledge. In cooperation with faculty, students apply powerful techniques like automated DNA sequencing, robotic genomic analysis and electron and confocal microscopy, to current biomedical problems. Students electing to do their own research may open many doors for their future.
  • Pursue personal interests in biology. From the study of plants to the study of insects, students can explore practical applications like drug discovery and disease control by selecting from a variety of courses. Field trips and outings allow students to observe biological principles in action.