Following the pre-medicine or pre-health track means taking specific courses that professional programs require for admission, but "pre-medicine" or "pre-health" are not actual degrees. Students need to choose a major field of study to combine with one of these tracks. Students can choose to follow these tracks through the College of Arts and Sciences or the School of Biological Sciences, depending on the major selected. Professional schools accept individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds and majors. When choosing a major, it is wise for students to consider their personal interests and strengths as well as possible alternative career goals.

The School of Biological Sciences offers degrees in biology, including a bachelor of science in biology with an emphasis in the cellular and molecular basis of health and disease for pre-medicine students, and a pre-dentistry concentration for pre-dentistry students. Undergraduate students in the biological sciences also have the opportunity to work with faculty mentors in life sciences research.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers degree choices and medically related undergraduate research in areas spanning the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Popular majors to combine with pre-medicine and pre-health include psychology, chemistry, communication studies, physics, English, Spanish, and philosophy. Many other combinations in the 18 academic departments are possible, and advisors in the tracks will help students apply their interests to design the right combination.