CLASSICS 120 Literary Monstrosities Credits: 3

This course explores representations of monsters in literature. Students are introduced to different ways of thinking about monstrosities from a range of cultural and historical perspectives, as well as through a variety of materials in order to approach this question from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Co-requisites: DISC 100.

Cross Listings: ENGLISH 120.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

...Classics) Minors in French, German, Spanish, or Classics...Beginning-level courses (110, 120) are not applicable...

Degree Requirements

...only two additional courses (120 college-level Chemistry Science & Math Classical/Ancient Studies Social...

Classical, Medieval, & Early Modern Literature Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Literature is recommended for students interested in a broad background in the humanities and for those interested in obtaining a firm foundation for further study in graduate school. This option within the English major involves a core of three survey courses to give students grounding in each of the three periods. Students also take one elective from each time period; a course such as “Shakespeare in Film,” “The Ancient World in Film,” or “Arthurian Legends” that allows for the study of how these literatures have been received in modern society; and a course on the linguistic backgrounds of these literatures, such as “History of English,” “Old English,” “Ancient Greek,” “Classical Latin,” or the “History and Principles of Rhetoric.” The remaining three electives can be taken in the English Department or many other departments in the college including Classics, History, Art History, Philosophy, and Geosciences. 

Bachelor of Arts: Languages and Literatures

A language placement exam is strongly recommended for all students with previous foreign language experience in French, German or Spanish. The placement exam or the recommendation of a foreign language advisor will best determine a student's level, contributing to his or her success. Contact the department office for more information. Placement test website: