MATH 210 Calculus I Credits: 4

Functions and graphs, rational, trigonometric, exponential functions, composite and inverse functions, limits and continuity, differentiation and its applications, integration and its applications.

Prerequisites: MATH 120 (C- or higher), or both MATH 110 and MATH 125 (C- or higher), or ALEKS assessment score of 76% or higher.

ALEKS Math Placement

In order to qualify to take MATH 110 , MATH 120 ,  MATH 125 , MATH 206 , MATH 210 , MATH 216 , MATH 244 or STAT 235 at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, students must have one of the following:

Bachelor of Arts: Secondary Education

The UMKC General Education Core is the university-wide curriculum that all undergraduate students will complete.  The 30-credit hour core curriculum includes three course types designated as Anchor, Discourse and Focus and is detailed in the General Education section of the catalog.

Degree Requirements

...Degree Requirements. MATH 110 , MATH 116 , MATH 120...HISTORY 360R ; POL-SCI 210 Additional Requirements and...

Bachelor of Arts: Economics

...Sciences Degree Requirements. 3 MATH 110 and STAT...the department, including ACCTNG 210, ACCTNG 211, or...