Eligible students may register during the registration period that is announced in Pathway and via UMKC e-mail. Students who are not registered will not receive academic credit and cannot attend classes. All registration and changes in registration must be processed by the UMKC Registration and Records Office either in person or using an approved electronic format such as Pathway.

A class schedule is published prior to each semester in Pathway and lists courses offered, meeting times and locations. The University reserves the right to cancel without notice any course listed in the schedule for any semester, or to withdraw any course that does not have adequate enrollment at the close of the registration period.

Eligible students may drop during the drop schedule period that is provided in the Academic Calendar.

Eligible students may drop classes without academic assessment from the point of initial registration through the first 25% of a session, which is the first four weeks of a 16-week fall or spring semester.  

If students drop all of their classes prior to the end of the first four weeks of the semester, a notation is placed on their transcript that indicates the date the classes were dropped. Students who drop all of their classes during the first four weeks of the semester are required to follow the Total Withdraw Policy.