RooWriter Assessment

All students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, as well as all University College and pre-professional students, must complete the RooWriter writing assessment after completing DISC 200 and before completing 90 credit hours. Transfer students who have satisfied the DISC 200 requirement should complete RooWriter within their first semester at UMKC. The optimal time to complete RooWriter is within one semester of completing DISC 200.

Students may complete the RooWriter at any time while enrolled at UMKC as a diagnostic assessment, but it will only satisfy the baccalaureate graduation requirement after a student has passed Discourse 200 (or its equivalent). Undergraduate students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution are exempt from the RooWriter requirement. The RooWriter supports and is supported by the University-wide General Education Core requirements. Students should visit the RooWriter website for general information: