The Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) has adopted statewide general education goals to facilitate transfer among Missouri institutions of higher education. To that end, signatory schools have selected courses to meet these goals and to fit within the CBHE's 42-credit hour core of general education.

With completion of this "core" noted on their transcripts, students may transfer to participating Missouri colleges and universities, and this 42-credit core will be accepted as equivalent to the receiving institution's 42-credit hour core. Institutions may require transfer students to complete additional general education requirements beyond the 42-credit hour core when these requirements are also required of their native students.

A student who has completed the certified 42-credit hour core at a regionally accredited Missouri institution will have satisfied all UMKC General Education Core requirements, with the exception of Anchor III and Discourse 300. All transferable hours within the 42-credit hour core may be applied to the UMKC General Education Core, degree-specific requirements, or free electives. It is in the student's best interest to consult the Transfer Major Map for their community college and meet with an advisor.

When UMKC students planning to transfer to another Missouri institution complete the 42-credit hour core, they may go to the advising and student services offices in their academic units to apply for certification of completion of the core. Once completion of the 42-credit hour core is verified, a statement will appear on the student's transcript. A student should apply for certification well in advance of requesting a transcript be sent to another Missouri institution.

Please note that the CBHE core may not be as specific as the general education requirements for baccalaureate degrees at any particular institution. Students transferring to UMKC whose transcripts do not certify their completion of the core at another institution must complete all the general education requirements of the UMKC degree they wish to earn.

Below are the UMKC courses students must take if they wish to complete the 42-credit core prior to transferring to another Missouri institution:

  1. DISC 100
  2. DISC 200
  3. DISC 300
  4. Anchor I
  5. Anchor II
  6. Anchor III
  7. Focus A
  8. Focus B
  9. Focus C
  10. Focus Elective
  11. Additional credit hours to total 42