General Education Requirements for Transfer students:

All UMKC undergraduate students complete general education requirements. The UMKC General Education Core (UMKC Core) curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills that are important for all students, no matter their major or field of study. For full details, see

Per a requirement passed into Missouri law in 2016, a state-wide general education curriculum specific to transfer students was created to facilitate transfer among Missouri’s public colleges and universities. This new state-wide curriculum requires 42 hours of coursework spread amongst five knowledge areas:

  • Mathematical sciences – three (3) credit hours
  • Natural sciences – seven (7) credit hours, including a course with a lab
  • Humanities and fine arts – nine (9) credit hours from at least two disciplines
  • Social and behavioral sciences – nine (9) credit hours, including a civics course
  • Written and oral communications – nine (9) credit hours (six in written communications and three in oral communications)
  • Additional hours – five (5) additional credit hours distributed among the above five knowledge areas.

All transfer students to UMKC from an accredited regional institution shall be treated the same as those transferring from a public Missouri institution of higher education. Starting Fall 2018, new incoming transfer students may be eligible to complete either the UMKC Core or Core 42 general education curriculum. For more details on Core 42, please visit -

Transfer Students with a Completed Core 42, an Associate of Arts degree or a Bachelor’s degree

  • Students who complete the CORE 42 curriculum at a participating Missouri institution, an Associate of Arts degree from any regionally accredited institution, or a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution before transferring will have met all UMKC general education requirements.

Transfer Students with General Education Coursework in Progress

  • Students transferring to UMKC with at least twelve (12) post-high school college credit hours but without the completed Core 42 or Associate of Arts degree may have the option to complete either the UMKC Core or Core 42.
  • Transfer guides are built based on the optimal general education curriculum to create your shortest path to graduation from UMKC.
  • Your advisor will review your transfer credits with you prior to the end of your first semester at UMKC to help you determine which general education curriculum best suits your degree plan and moves you closest to graduation.

Below are the UMKC courses students must take if they wish to complete the 42-credit core prior to transferring to another Missouri institution:

  1. DISC 100
  2. DISC 200
  3. DISC 300
  4. Anchor I
  5. Anchor II
  6. Anchor III
  7. Focus A
  8. Focus B
  9. Focus C
  10. Focus Elective
  11. Additional credit hours to total 42