Grade Appeals

Students are responsible for meeting the standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled. The establishment of the criteria for grades and the evaluation of student academic performance are the responsibilities of the instructor.

This grade appeal procedure is available only for the review of allegedly capricious grading and not for review of the instructor's evaluation of the student's academic performance. Capricious grading, as that term is used here, comprises any of the following:

  • The assignment of a grade to a particular student on some basis other than the performance in the course.
  • The assignment of a grade to a particular student according to more exacting or demanding standards than were applied to other students in the course; (Note: Additional or different grading criteria may be applied to graduate students enrolled for graduate credit in 300- and 400-level courses.)
  • The assignment of a grade by a substantial departure from the instructor's previously announced standards as stated in the course syllabus.

Appeal Procedures

  1. The student should first discuss the course grade fully with the instructor of the course. This must be done within six weeks after the beginning of the succeeding regular academic semester.
  2. If the matter cannot be resolved by consultation with the instructor, the student should use the departmental grade-appeal procedure. Every academic unit (school, College or department) must have a set of appeal procedures that are to be made available to students on request. These procedures will specify the manner in which the departmental review of the challenged grade will be conducted.
  3. If the matter is not resolved at the departmental level, an appeal can be made to the academic dean, in accordance with the school's or College's appeals process.  The decision of the dean will be communicated to the student, the instructor and the department.
  4. If the matter is not resolved within the school or College, the student may appeal to the Provost. This appeal must be made within 10 consecutive calendar days after notification of the decision of the dean.
  5. The Provost or designated representative shall review the full record of the case and appeal documents. At this level, the Provost may appoint an ad hoc academic appeals committee to review the record and provide advice on the matter. The decision of the Provost is final and will be communicated to the student, the instructor, the department and the dean of the school or College.