Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program

Mission, Philosophy and History

Research is rapidly expanding as global problems and issues require scholars with an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. It will no longer be enough to know one area, one discipline, one field. Inquiry and discovery are crossing disciplines. For this reason, in 1990, UMKC developed and introduced an interdisciplinary doctoral degree program that spans traditional boundaries across disciplines while helping students develop knowledge and skills for independent research on the fundamental questions of the present and the future.

This Ph.D. program reflects our commitment to providing tailored education that meets the specific professional goals and academic needs of each student. By refining our offerings, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields, whether in private or public sectors, academia, or impactful industries. Students in the program develop the ability to integrate principles and theories from at least two disciplines, using approaches, methods, ethical principles, and tools to pursue a research line of inquiry.

Our program maintains its dedication to academic excellence and scholarly inquiry, offering a methodical approach to research and problem-solving. With a renewed focus on individualized pathways, students receive personalized academic training designed to support their unique goals and aspirations.

Through a blend of rigorous academic study and practical application, our program ensures that students develop a comprehensive understanding of their chosen fields. By emphasizing collaboration and interdisciplinary perspectives, we prepare graduates to thrive in diverse professional environments.

Moreover, by prioritizing the acquisition of transferable skills such as critical thinking, communication, and project management, our program equips students with the tools necessary to navigate complex career landscapes and adapt to evolving professional demands with confidence and adaptability.