Dental Hygiene (DENT-HYG)


DENT-HYG 5500 Introduction to Educational Methodology Credits: 3

This course is designed to introduce the student to basic educational methodologies and to provide participants with a better understanding of the teaching and learning process. Students will develop the knowledge and skills for integrating teaching and learning theory that support quality learning experience for all learners. The course includes units on instructor/student relationships, educational approaches, educational ethics and professionalism, and learning theory.

DENT-HYG 5502 Foundations of Teaching Credits: 2

This course provides an introduction to the evidence-based best practices in course design for students who are preparing for a career in teaching and for those who simply wish to learn more about classroom instruction. Students will explore outcomes centered course design. Content application activities include syllabus development, writing objectives, constructing lesson plans, preparing presentations, developing course management sites, and test development.

Prerequisites: Must be a student enrolled in the MSDHE program.

DENT-HYG 5503 Design for Learning Credits: 3

This course will introduce students to theories of course design and learning. The primary focus will be providing the skills and knowledge necessary to build each component needed in an academic course (i.e., learning objectives, assignments, lecture videos, assessment etc.). The relationship between theory and practice will be examined through projects, reflections, and discussions as a class and in groups.

DENT-HYG 5510 Student Teaching and Conference I Credits: 2-4

Student teaching experience in classroom areas as selected by the student under the direction of a supervising professor. The student develops behavioral course objectives, test and examination items, classroom presentations, and prepares student evaluations in the selected classroom teaching areas. The student may select teaching assignments in one of the developed externship student teaching programs. Conferences will be held in conjunction with the course.

Prerequisites: DENT-HYG 4040, DENT-HYG 5500.

DENT-HYG 5512 Student Teaching and Conference II Credits: 2-4

This course is designed to provide the graduate dental hygiene student with additional experience in classroom teaching. Student teaching experiences will be selected by the student under the direction of and in conference with a supervising professor.

DENT-HYG 5516 Special Issues in Higher Education for Health Professional Credits: 3

This course is designed to introduce the student to matters encountered in higher education - specific to dental hygiene education. Weekly readings, assignments, and sessions will familiarize the student in topics such as: writing resumes and CVs, motivational interviewing, accreditation, promotion and tenure, and social media.

DENT-HYG 5530 Clinical Instruction and Conference I Credits: 2-4

Students will actively participate in clinical instruction under the supervision of a dental hygiene faculty member. Topics relative to clinical teaching will be discussed in weekly seminars. Students will be encouraged to apply knowledge gained in DENT-HYG 4620 and DENT-HYG 5500 during clinical instructional experiences. Additionally the student must participate in at least ˝ day of clinic per week to equal another credit hour of course work.

DENT-HYG 5532 Clinical Instruction and Conference II Credits: 2-4

This course is a continuation of DENT-HYG 5530. Under the supervision of the dental hygiene faculty, the student will continue to develop skills as a dental hygiene clinical instructor.

Prerequisites: DENT-HYG 5530.

DENT-HYG 5553 Evidence Based Decision Making in the Clinical Practice of Dental Hygiene Credits: 2-4

This course is designed for the graduate and degree completion dental hygiene student and will expand on the student's basic knowledge of the dental hygiene process of care. Utilization of evidence based decision making skills will be explored in an effort to incorporate current scientific literature, personal clinical experience and patient preferences as it relates to the delivery of comprehensive patient care. Skills taught in this course will enhance background knowledge related to the dental hygiene process of care and help to foster an attitude of critical analysis and life-long learning.

DENT-HYG 5560 Practicum in Clinical Supervision and Management Credits: 2-4

Practical experience in functioning as a Clinic Supervisor. Clinical managerial projects will be assigned according to students' interests and goals by agreement between student and instructor.

DENT-HYG 5565 Advanced Special Patient Care Practicum I Credits: 1-4

This course is designed to familiarize the student with general principles of cancer therapy and the role of the dental team in the multidisciplinary care of patients undergoing oncology treatments. Special emphasis will be placed on the treatment of the patient with head and neck cancer, and preventive and palliative dental interventions for control of the oral complications associated with all cancer therapies. Cancer prevention issues and the psychosocial and economic impact of cancer diagnosis will also be discussed.

DENT-HYG 5566 Advanced Special Patient Care Practicum II Credits: 1-4

This course will provide the graduate dental hygiene student with the opportunity to explore the relationship of an oncology dental program to medical health care facilities.

DENT-HYG 5570 Administrative Practicum Credits: 1-4

Practical experience in administration. The student selects areas of responsibility based on their goals and interests in administration. Possible areas of involvement are: recruitment, admissions, curriculum and course development, course scheduling, grant and report writing and student advising.

DENT-HYG 5575 Practicing in the Dental Hygiene Public Safety Net Credits: 3

This course is designed to increase the knowledge base of practicing dental hygienists in the area of public health dentistry, including health promotion, disease prevention, current legislation, evidence based treatment, school based & portable dentistry, coalitions, treating the geriatric and disabled populations, as well as how to write and secure grant monies. In addition, the course will expose dental hygienists to a variety of public health settings in which they can practice with an Extended Care Permit (in KS) or the Dental Hygiene Designation (in MO). Information on how to apply for the permits will also be shared.

DENT-HYG 5576 Extended Care Permit (ECP) III Training Course Credits: 2

The Extended Care Permit (ECP) III Training Course is designed to prepare a registered dental hygienist to apply for the Kansas Extended Care Permit III. Hygienists with the ECP III certificate can practice under the sponsorship of a dentist in a variety of public health settings including schools and long term care facilities in Kansas.

Prerequisites: Must be a student enrolled in the MSDHE program.

DENT-HYG 5585 Portfolio Capstone Course Credit: 1

This capstone course serves as the culminating experience for students in the MS in Dental Hygiene Education (MS in DHE). During the Capstone course, students will create a coherent and cohesive body of work reflective of attainment of the competencies for their respective programs - in the form of an e-Portfolio. This course should be taken in the semester of anticipated completion/graduation of the MS In DHE program.

DENT-HYG 5590 Independent Study Credits: 1-4

Independent study of a particular topic or area of interest to the student in dental hygiene/dentistry and/or higher education.

DENT-HYG 5595 Writing in Science Credits: 1-2

This seminar course is designed to provide advanced education students in the health professions the skills necessary to write and communicate in science. Course activities and topics include: critical analysis of the literature, literature summary tables, structure and organization of documents, style and usage, drafting, revising and finishing. Participants will practice the craft of scientific writing not only as the writer but also as the reader providing correction and reorganization where appropriate. While this course examines many writing tasks, exercise culminate with the development of a research protocol or scientific article.

DENT-HYG 5599 Research And Thesis Credits: 1-6

This course is designed to support the research process from protocol development through data collection and report of results. Research committee chairperson typically serves as the course director.