Transferring Within the University of Missouri System

University of Missouri Policy states that "Any course that leads to an undergraduate degree on any campus of the University of Missouri shall be accepted in transfer toward the same degree on each campus of the University offering said degree." Students transferring within the UM system are still required to satisfy the course and residency requirements of the campus from which they wish to graduate. Grades, including D and F grades, and grade points earned will also transfer and be included in the cumulative UM grade-point average.

For more information contact the following offices –

University of Missouri – Columbia: Office of Admissions, 800-225-6075,
University of Missouri – Kansas City: Office of the Registrar, 816-235-1125,
Missouri University of Science and Technology: Registrar’s Office, 573-341-4181,
University of Missouri – St. Louis: Office of the Registrar, 314-516-5545,